BBC Indicts Red Dragons & Ayeke For Kidnapping Kids

A report by the BBC World Service is directly indicting the Red Dragons and General Ayeke for the kidnapping of children under 16 in Lebialem, Ambazonia.


Recall, some 79 students and three others, including the principal, were seized early on Monday, November 5th 2018.


A massive search operation involving the Cameroonian army was put to no avail.

One student, who managed to avoid capture by hiding under a bed, told the BBC that events unfolded quickly as the kidnappers entered the school.


“One of my friends, they beat him mercilessly. All I could think about was to just stay quiet. They threatened to shoot some people… all the big boys they rounded up, and the small ones they left them behind.”


A teacher at the school described what she saw as she entered the principal’s office after students had been taken from different dormitories.

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“The military came in and went to the principal’s house where we realised that her door was bashed and entered into, the glasses are still there on the ground,” she told the BBC.


Ngala Killian, the BBC reporter in Cameroun, reports that both rebel groups have been killing the children whose relatives can’t pay a ransom of $2,500 USD.


In disagreement to this report, here is Tapang’s take:

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“While the Ambazonia Defense Forces is independent of Red Dragons and General Ayeke, we have spotted inconsistencies in the BBC report:

1. The report does not play any voice recording of General Ayeke attesting to the ransom demands that Ngala Killian openly accuses the General of admitting.


2. The report does not expose recordings of the relatives who have lost their children to the alleged kidnappers.


3. The report is clearly an arm-chair journalism report having Killian sitting in Yaounde and narrating an event in an Ambazonia flash point that he hasn’t visited.

4. The report does not quote the official statements of the various groups. We expected to here a balance report that cites the spokespersons of the Red Dragons and the Amba Guerrillas.”


General Ivo Tapang”


Meanwhile, in support of BBC, ABN TV captioned –


Taliban alert!
The UNHCR has confirmed that his refugee status will be revoked following his terrorism activities upon the issuance of a refugee card in Nigeria.

He has now transformed himself into a Taliban/Boko Haram, threatening civilians in Ambazonia on the orders of Samson and Gideon.


You see that every thing Samson touches is destroyed. General future die man. Sorry for him.

BBC Indicts Red Dragons & Ayeke For Kidnapping KidsBBC Indicts Red Dragons & Ayeke For Kidnapping KidsBBC Indicts Red Dragons & Ayeke For Kidnapping Kids

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