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BBNaija 6: Boma reports Maria to Liquorose over confrontation

BBNaija 6: Boma reports Maria to Liquorose over confrontation

BigBrother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Boma, has reported Maria to the Head of House, Liquorose, concerning Maria’s confrontation on Monday night.


Complaining about how Maria confronted him, Boma told Liquorose that Maria spoke to him wrongly.


On Monday night, Boma slept in Angel’s bed and the duo was laughing and discussing on the bed while other housemates were sleeping.


Maria confronted Boma and told them that they were disturbing her with their noise, as she told Boma that if he wanted to talk, he should go to his room.


Boma gave her a sharp clap back, asking her if Big Brother’s house was her father’s house.



The next morning, on Tuesday, Boma reported the issue to Liquorose, expressing his anger over being confronted.


He said, “Everybody will sleep when they want to sleep. Everybody will talk when they want to talk. There was a way she could have said it.


“Nobody was talking to wake anybody. She was talking as if she carried her mother’s house to this place. Nobody carried their parents’ house here.

BBNaija 6: Boma reports Maria to Liquorose over confrontation

“At the end of the day, all of us will leave eventually. There will be confrontations but how do we address them?


“If you address someone sanely, the person will reply to you sanely. If you address someone as if the person is something else, the person will reply to you in a way that you don’t like.”



Boma said he’s just letting Liquorose know what went down yesterday as Maria is also her bestie and Liquorose apologised on Maria’s behalf.


Liquorose said that maybe the strike and nominations influenced Maria’s character.

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