The reality TV show, BigBrother Naija (BBN) has complicatedly come to stay, despite the condemnations by so many Nigerians, it has survived five consecutive years: but the truth of the matter is that, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, so, as many people have condemned the reality show, claiming that it is evil and nothing good to learn from it, others see it as something that keeps them busy, something that can be educative with the types of games, exercises, activities, quiz, and other things they do there daily, including sports, these set of people (second group), do not bother how housemates behave and misbehave, the improper/indecent dressing they exhibit or will I say how nakedly they dress. If you try to condemn it, they will tell you that the reality show is an adult programme, so children are not supposed to watch it, that’s why it is written R18, Rated 18, that’s for those 18 years and above. Some people equally argue that most Nigerian movies are worse than BBN that comes up once in a year, but just for 90 consecutive days.

Seen from the forgoing, Antiquity News Desk International (ANDI) decided this morning, Monday, August 17, 2020, to check the minds of the people, Nigerians on the reality show going on now, especially this one termed BigBrother Naija Lockdown. Below are some of the reactions of Nigerians –


Antiquity News Desk International (ANDI): Good morning Ma, please May we know your name, and what can you tell us about Big Brother Naija Lockdown?

Mrs. Nkechi Okafor: My name is Mrs. Nkechi Okafor, I am from Ahiazu Mbaise. Listen, I don’t have time for that thing, I don’t know what they are doing, and I don’t care, a lot of people say it is a modern way of spreading corruption and indecency, but personally I don’t have time to confirm such, since many people condemn it, I hate it without watching it for the first time.


ANDI: Good day Sir. Please May we know your name and what do you think that should be done by the Federal Government, concerning the reality show, BBN Season 5 going on now?

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Elder Ikechukwu Nwaneri: Nwa m Nwoke, leave matter for Mattias. In this country, whatever the the Government have no gain, they stop it or bound it immediately, but the ones that give them money, even if it corrupts citizens of the country, it doesn’t concern our Government, what they do is to take their own cut, collect their heavy tax and other payments and permit the nonsense to go on. Like in this BBN you asked, our Governments have been heavily paid, some individuals bribed, so asking for my opinion is of no use/meaning, our Government has compromised.

ANDI: Sir, are you a fan of BBN, who in particular do you want to win this year, season 5?.

Mekus Ina Naa: My name is Emeka Ojiofor, but people call me ‘Mekus Ina Naa’. I am not a fan of BBN, but I watch the programme whenever am a bit free. To tell you the truth, I am confused about that reality show. Sometimes they teach and show good things, other times, the teach and exhibit rubbish, so “BBN is a complicated reality TV show that has unfortunately come to stay”, the only thing I can say is that, parents should make sure their children not up to 20 years old, are not be allowed to watch that confusing show, it is like a two side cutlass, both sides are sharp, can cut anything cuttable.

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ANDI: Good day Ma, sorry to disturb you, can you tell us one thing you have learnt since you started watching BBN?.

Amaka Odigbo: Antiquity News Desk International, like I told you earlier, I have learnt a lot from BBN show, sports wise, academically and otherwise. I have equally learnt that it is good to always behave well when you meet new people, endurance, simplicity and being accommodating are some of the things I learnt too. I have equally learnt that it is better to be friendly than to be mean, again, being hot tempered is not good, as being a good leader is a difficult thing.


ANDI: Good morning Sir, please what will you tell us about the latest news in BBN?.

Amarachi Amaefule: Well, as for me, Ammy Nwa, BBN 2020 has been bastardized. “Biggy don fall my hand”. How can people use their money to vote, at the end of voting, instead of biggy to evict the person with the lowest votes, he will bring out the last four persons and then ask housemates to vote out anybody of their choice? As far as am concerned, what happened last night was, “Housemates, go and vote out your enemy”, and all of them voted for Kaisha to be evicted, except Lucy, her friend. My dear, have you seen how housemates voted last night….? The last person on the list was Neo, so Neo was supposed to be evicted, but when Biggy called the last four persons on the list, none of the 12 remaining housemates voted for Neo to be evicted…. It simply means, after we have spent our money to vote, housemates will change our votes and vote out the person they don’t like. Had it been Biggy used this method last year, Tacha would have been evicted earlier, because Housemates never liked her. Again, Kaisha and Nengi quarrelled on Saturday, a day before the eviction day, Nengi pushed Kaisha, that was a physical thing, in fact, to me, it was a fight, same thing Tacha did last year that made her to be unexpectedly evicted, but this time around, Biggy did not evict Nengi for instituting a physical fight, what he did was to warn both of them…. Biggy is now partial, ho ooo ha aaa!!!

During Diary room questioning on Thursday, Neo begged Biggy, that even if he is up for eviction, he should allow him stay till Wednesday, that he should equally help him and buy flower for him, that he wants to give his house lover, Vee, a flower on her birthday, on Wednesday, then say something very vital to her, on her birthday (may be he wants to propose or do something close to that).


Continuing, Amaka said, “Antiquity News Desk International, tell us the truth, is Biggy not partial?”… Since he wanted to save Neo, who came last, may be due to his plea, he knew he was going to evict only one person this Sunday, why did he evict Kaisha that is not the last, not second to the last, not even third to the last?… It was purely partial. Because, what Biggy would have done was to free everybody, including Kaisha, as he allowed Neo and others, then next Sunday, he can evict two persons. But he did not do so, he was only able to evict Kaisha, using housemates…. Well, let me see on the last day, when they will be five, if Biggy will use housemates to evict four persons and get a winner. Kaisha was the only Hausa member in the House, Biggy tactically and practically removed her wrongly, leaving the Igbos and few Yorubas there… Big Brother Naija is now a scam, like Nigeria, in fact, there is corruption in BBN now, am no longer interested, no need to spend my money to vote, after voting, Biggy will rig the election, I mean rig the eviction/voting by using housemates… Is it not same thing that happens in Nigeria… After voting during elections, Politicians or those in power will rig it, now I know that rigging is everywhere, including Big Brother Naija. The other day, last two weeks, one of the housemates said how he was selected after bribing an insider, former housemate. If you check very well, you will see that BBN housemates have no poor member, in fact, no wretched member, it is only for those that are very much exposed, to enable Biggy raise more money for himself”.


Finally, Kaisha was not evicted, she was rigged out of the House, she was removed through rigging.

…… My people, we have come to the end of today’s interview with citizens of the country cum fans of BBN, you got all these reactions from Imo citizens, brought to you by Antiquity News Desk International {ANDI}.


Check below and see how the housemates voted last night, after Kaisha was not among the last three in the list, but Biggie rigged her out with housemates enmity votes….


Last night, Trikytee, Kaisha, Wathoni and Neo were announced as the bottom four housemates this week.
… Housemates were called into the Diary Room by Biggy, to cast their votes on who they want out.


This is how they voted:

Kiddwaya: Kaisha and Wathoni

Vee: Kaisha and Wathoni

Brighto: Trikytee and Kaisha

Nengi: Kaisha and Wathoni

Laycon: Trikytee and Kaisha

Dorathy: Trikytee and Kaisha

Praise: Kaisha and Trikytee

Lucy: Trikytee and Wathoni

Prince: Kaisha and Wathoni

Tolanibaj: Kaisha and Trikytee

Ózó: Kaisha and Trikytee

Erica: Wathoni and Kaisha

Total number of Votes for bottom four = 24

Housemates Number of Votes, for rigging/eviction….

Kaisha 11
Trikytee 7
Wathoni 6
Neo. 0


Neo had zero votes. Apparently, no housemate wanted him out. Kaisha with the highest number of votes got evicted, sorry, got rigged out.


Biggy is indirectly using Nengi and others to raise money for himself, that’s why Nengi was not punished or evicted for pushing a housemate in the house. That’s why it is called BBN, but practically one man’s business, for one man’s profits.

Rotn. Prince A.A.A Nwankwo
{Anchor Antiquity Blue Blooded Prince AAA}

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