#BBNaijaLocdown2020 : Eviction ain’t fiction

#BBNaijaLocdown2020 : Eviction ain't fiction

#BBNaijaLocdown2020 Eviction ain’t fiction! The last two weeks with our Housemates have been a joy to watch as they bonded and shared so many of their hopes and dreams with us that we all feel as if we know them intricately. That facade came tumbling down when Ebuka informed the Housemates that Ka3na’s and Lilo’s stay had come to an end.

The announcement brought a sombre mood over the Housemates who spent a great part of the evening after the Live Show contemplating how truly finite their time in House is. Some Housemates shed tears for their Evicted friends like Dorathy, while more emotionally calculating individuals like Brighto remained toozocusedd on the game to let it affect them.


Since the Housemate’s now know that the final decision rests in the hands of the people they came into the House with, it will be interesting to see if that fact changes their interpersonal interactions.Single and ready to mingle.

El-Blends elblends

#BBNaijaLocdown2020 : Eviction ain't fiction
#BBNaijaLocdown2020 : Eviction ain’t fiction

After being boo’d up since arriving in Biggie’s House, it’s hard to believe that Eric and Lilo are now a memory. The question on everyone’s minds is if the handsome hunk will be able to stay single for the duration of his stay?


Many promises were made between Lilo and Eric about fidelity but promises don’t mean anything in the heat of the moment, and the majority of the other female Housemates would love to heat up Eric and have a moment with him of their own.

In Briefs

  • Straight after Laycon tells Erica he likes her, she locks lips with Kiddwaya. While the Kidrica ship sails, Laycon is left contemplating his own feelings about relationships.


  • Tolanibaj and Prince seem to get closer and Kaisha opens up to Trikytee about her future plans.


Ozo broke a record! Becomes the first #BBNaijaLockdown housemate to successfully complete the HOH game! This has earned him the new Head Of House!

#BBNaijaLocdown2020 : Eviction ain't fiction

Ozo later chose Dorathy as his Deputy HOH!

#BBNaijaLocdown2020 : Eviction ain't fiction

With two weeks done and eight left to go, all the Housemates have to do is stay focused and play their way to N85 Million worth of winnings. Sadly like most things, it’s going to be much easier to say than done.

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