#BBNaijia : About Yesterdays Games – Biggie & Kiddwaya ISSUE

After the night advice from Brighto, the games followed. Basically it was tension and fun all through.



A six must be rolled to start the game.

The player who makes it to Step 30, or as close as possible by the end of their time, is the Head of House.

In the event of a tie, a bonus round will be played by the players who are tied.

Each player would only be given One minute and ten seconds for their turn.

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Game over: If a player lands on Step 20, their game would end immediately.

Restart: If a player lands on Step 7, then she or he would have to restart their game.



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Each week Biggie spices up the Head of House Task with extra obstacles for the player to do during their turn. The four new obstacles added this week were as follows:

#BBNaijia : About Yesterdays Games - Biggie & Kiddwaya ISSUE
#BBNaijia : About Yesterdays Games – Biggie & Kiddwaya ISSUE

Balloon: The players had to untie and deflate a balloon without popping it to spin again: This obstacle was placed on Step 4.

Self-portrait: The players had to draw a picture of themselves to progress to spin again. This obstacle was placed on Step 1.

Ping-Pong: The players had to place a ping pong ball into an egg tray using only a plastic fork to spin again. This obstacle was placed on Step 9.

The Hoop: The players must throw a ball through a hoop to spin again. This obstacle was placed on Step 25.

Meanwhile, before the Games got underway Biggie issued a fine to Kiddwaya for whispering to Erica after he had requested silence during the Live Show. Erica was fined for listening to him and the pair were stripped of all their Betway Naira’s.


Moving on, the first to play was Tolanibaj and she managed to get a very respectable score of 16. Next was Laycon who was playing for the first time in two weeks after recovering from a hamstring injury. He managed to score 15 on his return. Vee came closest to giving Tolanibaj a run for her top position as she also scored a respectable 16. A big win for Erica.

The game seemed all to be heading for a tie breaker round until Erica stepped up to play, and managed to have a truly marvellous run making it to position 29. Upon completing her turn, Biggie informed her that she had made an error in her addition, and had actually scored 30, giving her the Head of House position. Nobody managed to equal her fantastic play and at the end, Erica was crowned the new Head of House.


The only thing left for Erica to do was decide on who she would select as her Deputy Head of House. Like all things in the Big Brother world, that was dramatic too.

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