Be Theoretical ! Be Coherent ! Be Committed !

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There are many other values, involving various people and aspects of our national life. The point I want to make is that in your life, never be afraid or ashamed of coherently analysis any problem and taking it down to fundamental and proposing solutions which is relate to this.

Do not be afraid or ashamed of being theoretical, as long as you are coherent and guided by patriotic commitment. You will make mistakes but you can learn, if you are genuinely committed. Do not allow anyone to throw experience at you and make you incoherent and a mental and emotional client.
Coherent theory is absolutely essential for any meaningful activity whether it concern natural or social phenomena. There is no conflict whatsoever between this and action; that is action committed to and directed to meaningful goals. They are inseparable.

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You cannot have one without the other. What is wrong, useless and should be avoided and exposed is talk, hot air jargon, what is known in Hausa as dogon turanci. This come from all quarters, not just from academics.

You all know how pompous and obscurantist civil service, army or managerial language can be. All jargon, wherever it come from, is an expression of dishonesty, of dishonest attitudes, of false theory. 
Theory which lack coherence, obscures the actual interest it serves and mystifies it relation with reality.
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