Obo Idanre remains a major town for cocoa farming in Ondo state. If you understand how cocoa is planted, you will know the invaluable benefit of banana plantation to the growth of cocoa, you don’t need to be told that monkeys like banana for food. If Idanre people are known for cocoa, banana helps cocoa grow better, monkeys live on banana, Idanre people don’t plant cocoa anymore. The few monkeys there are planning a reconciliation.


The news of one reconciliation got to me this morning and I could only smile. I went to UAR only to return to Nigeria this morning and another news of reconciliation erupts. How do these people think in the first place? An aggressor is in charge of reconciliation? What happens to that boldface? What happens to the go and die stance? What happens to leave our party as if it’s a personal business? It’s not time yet for this reconciliation. Truly monkeys don’t do the right thing at the right time.


I speak for myself. Only civilized people fight through the court. They are the real heroes of reconciliation and democracy. How do we reconcile with a serial betrayer of trust? The only reconciliation needed in Akoko is to show to every child of a farmer that their dreams are valid without being slaves to the powerful. It’s to instill in them the confidence to stand tall anywhere they go. It’s to say no to oppression from brigands who think they wield enormous power and influence.

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We cannot afford to put our party in jeopardy while opposition parties take advantage of the lacuna created by men who don’t even know what the laws say despite being SAN. We owe it a duty to protect our party, our people and this land bequeathed us by our forebears from being sucked up by marauders. Head or tail, we want to go through this process of rebirth lest another takes us for granted in the future. We will make a statement and it will be written boldly everywhere.


We are reconciling our people on the rocky sides of Akoko to shun subserviency. Characteristic of the monkeys who wouldn’t do the right thing at the right time, it’s a belated reconciliation. They should join us to protect the laws they tried to subvert. That’s the ultimate reconciliation now. Court! I rise.


Written by a Concern And Patriotic Ondo APC Stalwart

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