Before you campaign for Akeredolu, remember that your school fees cannot even buy a pair of his shoes. He compared your entire education to a pair of his shoes – meaning he could actually step on your future with the sole of his shoes.


Before you campaign for Akeredolu, remember how your school fees agitators were shot at, tear gassed, locked up, harassed, molested, cuffed and dehumanized – simply because they peacefully protested for the reduction of the astronomical increase of their school fees.


Before you accept Akeredolu pleas and forgive him, remember how much we begged, pleaded, cried, knelt, our parents filing out in the heaviness of rain and scorch of the sun to beg him in reducing the school fees. They told him they were just farmers, civil servants, petty traders and couldn’t afford the increment – yet, he turned deaf ears and sent Tunji “Omo Odo” Abayomi to call us “entitled, aggressive and lazy youths” with your governor’s wife properly playing her role as the Jezebelic character that she humbly portrays.

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Before you raise your fingers in 4 + 4 signs, reminisce on your friends that dropped out, their hopes dashed, their dreams scattered, their morals twisted and they had to turn to fraud, their agony and pain, all because one man felt their lives and future isn’t worth it.


Before You present Akeredolu to us again, remember that Ondo State had the capability to raise more 20 billion naira IGR monthly (I highlighted how he could do this in an article I wrote immediately our school fees was raised), yet, Akeredolu didn’t exploit these opportunities, rendering Ondo state to a pitiable state.


Before You Orgasm over Akeredolu 2nd term agenda, remember that one term is enough to make a huge difference. One person is enough to enact change, yet 365 x 4, and your MCM can’t point to a durable, efficient and people conscious project he has carried out in Ondo. Remember people don’t eat bridges, any state where education and agriculture isn’t invested in, is a failed state. Education is the bedrock of development.

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Before you support Akeredolu candidacy, remember that your school fee was alarmingly increased, yet, there was no single positive change in your school. Infact the situation got from bad to worse. AAUA which was once our pride, is now their ride. They only remember you when they need you again, they keep using you to build their portfolio, while stepping on your future to reach their goal. Doesn’t that bother you?


Before you let APC use you as a doormat to boost their ego, remember how Ondo State is largely porous. Fulani herds men, highway men, robbers, and death traps lying everywhere. There is unemployment amidst the youth, no meaningful policies and program bothering on agriculture, no viable technology revival, no incentives, people consciously dying of hunger. I hope you know that hunger kills faster than Covid-19.


Before you Conclude to waste these four years for the rest of us, ask yourself, “am I too young to rule?”

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“why not me?”


Yes, why not you. You are not too young to rule. I’m not a party man, I have no candidate since they are all bird of a feather. But Ondo Youths are the change we seek for. The revival we need.


Let this old men go and rest, we need a young, vibrant, technologically exposed man to take the stage now. What is stopping you from contesting?

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You think Akeredolu loves you? You think Jegede loves you, you think that clown called PEJO that can hardly spell loves you?


None of them loves you – fact.


No, they are doing all they can to secure the future of their own family, giving their children a good life, building their personal legacy.


In the journey of their lives, you either come last, or don’t even matter at all.

You need to stand up now and take the rein of leadership.


Remember, you haven’t gotten there because you have never asked. It Is now time to ask.


May we do better.



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