Benefits of Morning Walk on an Empty Stomach

Benefits of Morning Walking on an Empty Stomach

Is it good to walk in the morning on an empty stomach? Walking is a very beneficial physical activity for keeping weight under control, cardiovascular health and other benefits. According to some studies, exercising in the morning on an empty stomach can help burn more fat mass in the body.


But despite the benefits of walking in the morning before eating breakfast, this sport contains some potential risks, which we review in the following report, according to the Italian “greenme” website.


Benefits of walking on an empty stomach

Weight loss


Carbohydrates are instantly broken down into glucose (the best fuel for our body). In turn, glucose flows into the blood and is stored as glycogen in the muscles and liver, which provides a rapid supply of energy and is therefore essential for high-intensity physical activities.

After fasting all night while sleeping, glycogen stores are very low, especially in the liver, for this reason, since there is little available glycogen, the body responds by burning more fat mass if you walk in the morning on an empty stomach.

Many researches have also shown that practicing walking with fasting in the morning increases fat burning during and after training.

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And allows walking before breakfast, even if only for 30 minutes, to benefit from the reserves of fat, and thus burn more than other times of the day.


Less Stress

Walking in the morning puts a person in a good mood and automatically reduces stress. In fact, physical activity can stimulate the production of endorphins (the good mood hormone that generates a state of psychophysical well-being), and breathing fresh air also helps stimulate positive thoughts.


Reduce the risk of heart disease

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Brisk walking reduces the risk of heart disease, as a study published by the American Heart Association revealed that both walking and running, at least 30 minutes a day, is enough to feel better and thus reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Greater creativity and productivity

A morning walk in nature helps increase a person’s creativity by 50%. The natural environment, according to experts, plays a key role in the way we think and behave, as the brain relaxes and prepares to start new creative thinking processes.

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Disadvantages of walking on an empty stomach

Walking before eating may not be suitable for everyone, because proteins, in order to turn into sugars, are taken up by the muscles. Therefore, the ideal in this case is not to do this daily, otherwise this will lead to stress on the muscles, and with time losing their strength and mass.


But you can stay on organic drinks, which will serve as food while walking. This again also depends on your health status.


In addition, one of the harmful effects of walking in the morning on an empty stomach is low pressure. In general, once you wake up, your blood pressure tends to be a little lower than usual, which can be bothersome and harmful for some. Therefore, it is best to wait about 10 minutes after getting up, and perhaps have a cup of coffee that can help restore blood pressure to normal levels, before going for a walk in the morning.

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