Beverly Osu displays Butt and Head of Roses for Valentine’s Day

Nollywood actress, Beverly Osu, has shared, raunchy and rosey photos of herself on Instagram to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


The actress, who is a Nigerian video vixen and model, predominantly known for her roles in several films and for her participation in the 8th season of Big Brother Africa decided to tease her fans and followers with the randy photo of her bare.


Beverly Osu who won Model of the Year at the 2011 Dynamix All Youth Awards, shared the photo on Instagram whilst urging her fans to love themselves in celebration of the love’s season.


She asked her over 800k followers to name a more iconic duo than finding peace and being hot at the same time.


The actress shared photos of herself laying in bed, rocking a red lingerie albeit it doesn’t appear to cover her butt which certainly is the center of attention in the photo.

Beverly Osu displays Butt and Head of Roses for Valentine's Day
Beverly Osu displays Butt and Head of Roses for Valentine’s Day

She wrote as caption;

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It’s just about finding peace and being hot . 🕊

Name a more iconic duo.

In another representing the Valentine’s Day head of roses, the actress captioned;

Above all things , I believe in LOVE.
All of me…loves all of me ‼️

Beverly Osu displays Butt and Head of Roses for Valentine's Day

For centuries, the red rose has been a symbol of love, passion and romance. The delicate yet thorny flower has an ornate history when it comes to its association with deep intimacy — especially on Valentine’s Day. But it’s also an emblem of secrecy. These are all you should think ofwhenn you see it on a woman’s head.


Meanwhile, Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus took to Instagram to mourn her mother on  Valentine’s day.

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According to the 44 year old, it has been 18 years since she lost her mum and she misses her deeply.


The plus-size actress also shared a photo of her mother, disclosing that each time she remembers her mum, she can’t help but cry.



You taught me to be strong. Never knew I would have to use this strength to live without you.

I would trade everything I have just to see you once more, mom. You are missed deeply.

Dear mother, you were the first woman I have loved and I will love for eternity. Miss you.

I look back to the days you were with us and I can’t help myself crying. I still miss you so much, mom. You were and always will remain the greatest mom ever.

From sunrise to sunset, every moment would have been more wonderful if you were with us today. Your memories will never be forgotten

Everything I am today is what you always dreamt of for me. I wish you were alive to see your LAST BORN living up to your dreams. I miss you!

I pray that someday in heaven, I will be your little girl again.

Sometimes I close my eyes and see your face, mom. I swear I can feel your love around me.

I think about the memories and realize what a wonderful childhood I had. The love and care of a mother are truly incomparable to anything else. I miss you in every moment of my life.

A mother is the closest friend a daughter can ever have. Even after all these years, I feel the need of you in my life. I wish you knew how much I miss you! Continue to rest on I miss you IYE BIODUN IYE DOYIN


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