Biafran Army sends message to Igbos still serving in the Nigerian Army

General Innocent N. Orji, the General Officer Commanding, Biafra Army, Biafran National Guard (BNG) has warned all personnels of Eastern extraction (Biafrans) still serving in Nigerian Armed Forces that the notice to resign and relinquish their positions was long issued since 30th May, 2021.


Recall that Biafra Army Biafra National Guard (BNG) had on 30th May, 2021 issued a “Final warning to personnels of Biafran Origin still serving under Nigerian Military to resign.


“We are hereby also placing all Easterners on notice today that 27th-30th October, 2021 Hass been marked as the date for BNG Official live broadcast and all are adviced to tune into the live broadcast”.


He further made it clear that any personnel of Biafra extraction or from Southern Nigeria that stands against Biafra Army after the date of the much advertised live broadcast should have him or herself to blame as they are out to take what rightfully belongs to them.

“Those who chose to oppose the l stand of Biafran Army after this date does so at their own expense”.


General Orji also issued a note of warning to Nigerian Army. “I want the Nigerian Murderous Terrorists infiltrated Army to prepare with everything they’ve got and wait for Biafran soldiers as we are ready and coming for them. So we wholeheartedly welcome the recent Military operations codenamed Exercise Golden Dawn and Still Waters in both the hinterland and coastal Biafra respectively”.


“The UNDRIP Article 9, states that “Indigenous People and individuals have the right to belong to indigenous community or Nation, in accordance with the traditions and customs of the community or Nation concerned. No discrimination of any kind may arise from the exercise of such a right”.


“We must exercise this right as signed and rectified by the Federal Republic Of Nigeria because the Royal Niger company and British colony forcefully Amalgamated in 1914 officially expired in 2013/14 thus Nigeria’s existence today is totally illegal and lacks the people’s authority”.


“You can’t massacre my brothers and sisters in the East and go free. We will never accept you flying renowned ‘repentant’ Boko-Haram Terrorists abroad for sabbatical and bring them back in VIP flights to be recruited into the same Army they killed their compatriots and then push them down to Biafra Territories (Eastern Region) to further your state sponsored terrorism, Fulanization, Islamization and ethnic genocidal agenda”.


“We know that Exercise Golden Dawn and Still Waters introduced in Biafraland is a decoy to your onslaught of Biafra indigenes and we will vehemently resist it”.

“All Biafrans as well as those whose regions has been oppressed by successive Governments of the Fulani Caliphate should leave the Armed forces of the expired British Contraption because has Nigeria expired. The time has come, Biafra has been signed, sealed and delivered by Heavens and the spiritual realm. It is time to take our destiny in our hands”.


“The principle of self-determination is prominently embodied in Article I of the Charter of the United Nations and rectified by Nigeria which specifically stated that “….All indigenous peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development”.


“Biafra National Guard (BNG) hereby officially notify all genuine Biafrans and extend a hand of fellowship to all our brothers all over the Biafran Territories, Alliances, Coalitions all have our open hands of fellowship”.

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“Finally, we want to warn all officers of the Nigerian Police being deployed for the Anambra State November 6 Gubernatorial Election to cherish their families and desist from Anambra State as we can no longer savour the injustice meted out to Biafran Activists and prisoners of Conscience remanded without hearing for 16 years in Onitsha and Awka prisons respectively viz; Mrs. Onyekachi Orji, Miss Okwudiri Bassey, Uche Idikaigbo, Micheal Okezie, Uchenna Nicholas, Peter Igbokwe, Ikechukwu Aghara, Chima Asor, and Chinweike Irondi.

Others are Sabastine Amadi, Casmir Odakara, Ojemba Anyanwu, Eni Kalu, Ndubuisi Okam, Ikechukwu Chinwem, Emmanuel Orji, Chukwuma Kalu, Chidiebere Chikwem and Mmaduabuchi Asika.


Gen. Orji also reiterated his demand for the immediate and unconditional release of Benjamin Onwuka a Biafra Activist and Nnamdi Kanu, the Director of Radio Biafra London who was illegally kidnapped in Kenya and held incommunicado in DSS custody.

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