BIGBROTHER NAIJA, A COVID Escalation of MENACE: The Situation in the Country today have made us all to shiver at the abject Poverty that stares us on the face, even when Snake Swallowed over 50 Billion Naira, Toad Swallow her own, Billions Buried in Septic Tanks… We kept our hands Akimbo and we went to our religious places to speak in tongues and beg God for Miracles, whereas he deposited the most of Mineral resources in our ground, but because we are too weak, stupid and Soaked with spirit of Laziness, then Mr Devil knowing we are Daft, simply covered us with Spirit of Siddon dey look.


The only pleasure available to us is to stay in our various religious places and utter different Mumbo Jumbo, then seat back expecting Miracles to suffice.


We expect God to come down and TAR our roads, we expect Angels to do the works of those we erroneously elected, we are too Weak to demand from the Elect to give us Report Card of stewardship or try and make them squirm for a start.

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While we see our very poor leaders who skyrocketed into riches just few months after taking office as our Looters, I mean leaders, instead for us to jump up and demand for clarification, ask direct questions how suddenly everything around him grows while the Jobs he was elected to do nose dive, we refused to do that, we simply Form association of praise singers, become attack dogs that will snarl at those who ever demanded for explanation of the emerging decadence.


While our leaders are stealing us blind, we all go to worship where we hope to drag God into our leadership, whereas he provided for us 4 years to choose who will lead us and in those terrific and terrible wasted 4 years of Tears, not even the Elders or the Elites will rise up and speak out against Theft, Emebezzlement and turning the state resources to private Ownership, the person will come again after those wasted 4 years, share some INDOMIE, Lice and spread some of the money he embezzled from us, and we forgive all sins and fraud, then Vote him again to ruin another 4 years while we gnash our Gum instead of Teeth.


The Elites, the Rich and Stakeholders of the States instead to rose in Unison and demand for accountability, they simply jumped into the spirit of Ukpabi Asika “Onye Ube ruelu oracha” (When your Pear is Ripe, eat it alone), so our Patrimony suddenly turned to Ube of some people just because the masses are actively Mad, Lazy and never wanted to rose even with Oral picketing, they all felt that God will climb down from his Hollies and reign or flog our leaders, or kwanu take over rebuilding of our places, that is illusion of the delusion.

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Church leaders who would’ve stood on the Gap and speak truth to authority have become partners to the decadence, they hobnob with Politicians even when they knew that the person is active Demon, as long as the Demon will Bless them from the loot rooted , this made me to know that 98% of Men on Collars weren’t called by Jesus, they were called by Poverty, want and greed, little wonder None of them preaches repentance, way to Heaven, living ritheous life. They all veered into Prosperity preachers and what remains for them to do is to force congregation to sale thier Houses and deliver to him, while the members live on the street, which also serve Church goers right.. Infact, the rape is even better as Government will rape us and as we bleed, religion will mount us and scatter the already bleeding Anus and we fold our hand in hallelujah submission.


Rest of the World are planning on how to tackle Covid and after effect, but Nigeria is busy Probing NDDC Yahoo, but it was funny that same people who participated in the Heist were same heading the Probe.


Even when the Principals made it known that corruption is far spread, and what we saw on our National Television was Fainting of Most Notorious member of the Heist Board, instead to answer the question thrown at him, he fainted as an Actor and the Probe ask him to “BOW and Go”.

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That wasn’t good enough, until the Minister in charge of the Fraud mounted the stage and started opening the PANDORA BOX, what the Chairman cried was “IT IS OK.. IT IS OK, YOUR CRIMES ARE FORGIVEN, GO AND SIN NO MORE… IT IS OK” …


The Man wasn’t not done, the scared Chairman who the man has fingered as one of the Culprit shouted “OFF THE Mic” to control the damages.


Our EFCC, DSS, I PC, POLICE all watched in Silence, none matched into that place and make use of Handcuffs to bundle them into KUJE for showing that Nigeria is a Joke, headed by clowns.

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Can’t talk about MAGU the EFCC Chairman who was in charge of National Fraud, that is story for National Dailies.


That is not National disgrace, but to those who lend us money, they will simple marvel about Schools in Nigeria, they will so believe that everybody in Nigeria is a Daft and they are not wrong.


All this the Youths were not angry enough to start even online agitation, not even the Judiciary were pissed enough to drag all this bunch of idiots to face a Bad tempered judge who will do the needful, we all folded our hands and started making Fun of “It’s OK, it’s OK.. Off the Mic” as if that is the solution, though it is always the final answer from us the messed us masses.


As the plots and plan of getting out of the wreck caused by Covid continued with Nations with future, Nigeria started hosting PORN on our TV, they baptized it BigBrother Naija, but in actual sense the name should be BIG PRICK AND BIG BREAST NAIJA…


Our Government won’t say they had no hands on it, because they have what it takes to take everybody there and sent them into Quarantine at isolated place for 6 months, the sponsors will be made to pay the Government Billions as detterent and that will put the Idiocy into hibernation, even if they heads to Court, it is still Nigerian court and while it drags on, they have killed the Evil.


I have tried to investigate the BigBrother Naija, to see the benefits it will give our Children, Father’s, Mothers and Sisters but the only thing it clearly presents are Moral decay, morality that is below Zero and presenting Nigeria as Soddom.


Some will tell you that you have a Choice to turn off your TV or Change station, but if not that they are Dafts, they should know that NO MAN will walk Pass a Decent dressed Lady who is sitting by the Road side, wearing Mini skirt, wearing White Pant and her leg Ajar and you say that she won’t be attracting peeps and going to and fro for a close up view, even a Preacher will fall same and may started quoting James Hardly Chase instead of Bible.


As long as that abomination called BigBrother Naija is on TV, eyes stray to it.


The money spent on Sponsoring that iniquity would have made great difference on lives of our Kids in progressive endeavors.


We have programs like GULDER ULTIMATE SEARCH, it’s entertaining, educating and makes our Youths brand and grand…


There is one America called “America got Talent”, it exposes good Voices, great skills, powerful Ministries and after that all the participants gets promoted in good business.


There are other educational programs that would promote our Rich cultures, engage our Youths in progressive Ways, but none is being supported…imagine having this Erotic program for 30Days, calculate sponsoring Live program for 1Hours on International TV, then multiple same by 24 Hours and into 30 Days.. Aru melu.


I am LAST BORN MPA NNUKWU and I speak the minds of Ndi Egede.


Mazi Odera POg JP – Jogging along Nnobi Nnewi Road to clear his Head, but will stop na Nke Nwanyi Ofe Akwu for light breakfast of RICE mixed with Bean and macaroni, with plantain, Moi Moi, Yam with 2 Boiled Eggs, 2 Fried Eggs, Some pieces of Kpomo, Round about, Towel, Gizzard, may be Cooked Fish, don’t like fried things too much. Then a Bottle of Stout mixed with Hero, so that He will finish this Jogging in good health.

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