BigBrother Naija, another Distraction has began

BigBrother Naija, another Distraction has began

Another distractions has began, they said its BigBrother Niija and would run for 3 months (100 days).


Over 50 million Nigerians are already waiting for the reality TV show to drop so the noise and distractions would begin.


These 50 million plus, are youths and early adults, who complain daily about the APC, Buhari, the Malami, Akpabio and Magu (s) driving Nigeria to the point of No return.

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But with the Reality TV show dropping, they would quickly forget about the many Nigeria problems and start fighting over who’s being more foolish in the House.


Many already saved up thousands while few still waiting to borrow, all running into millions just to keep their favourite House mates in the House till the last day.


These same people don’t have voter’s card, all they think of is their smart phones to cause troubles in social media, insults public office holders but won’t vote during elections nor contribute a quota to solving to the Nation’s problem except for causing trouble in social media platforms and run back to their REALITY TV SHOWS.

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BigBrother Naija, another Distraction has began
BigBrother Naija, another Distraction has began

They would divide themselves in bloc and start fighting over “one clown” on the TV screen in the guise of fans.


Same Federal Government who thought about cancelling WASSCE Exams and other academic activities for the year 2020 on the grounds of Coronavirus were same who expressly approved the reality TV show because of its distractions and noise to keep the many Nigerian youths busy with inconsequential stuffs whilst they continue their unholy rituals and entanglement with our future and lives, making stupid decisions and looting us dry.


The truth here is that, Nigeria is doomed – but we won’t tell ourselves the truth.

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In all, I wish you guys the best – BB Naija is not for me this year, I’m still battling with the novel coronavirus and it’s affecting my mental health, I don’t wish to compound the woes.


I had a target of making millions this year and so many other achievements but with five (5) months left till the end of 2020 I can’t boost of much.


I won’t join in the useless distraction called BBNaija.

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Lemme Move alone in this case since Movement is a MUST :cry:🤍




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