Blessing Mathias finally speaks

The victim of a physical assault in Nasarawa State, Blessing Mathias has shown the extent of the injuries she sustained from the beating by Emmanuella Onawegie and her father who’s a senior lecturer at the Federal University of Lafia (FULAFIA), Dr Fred Ekpe Ayokhai.


The girl, named Blessing Mathias, had sometime last week confronted Ayokhai’s daughter, Emmanuella Onawegie, for trying to ‘snatch’ her boyfriend, simply identified as IG.


Blessing confronted Emmanuel in Lafia, Nasarawa State, after she found out that she had her boyfriend’s number and was chatting with him. She had asked her to delete the number but Emmanuel blatantly refused leading to a fight.


Later on, Emmanuela’s family on Friday, October 21, 2022, in a viral video was captured flogging and stripping  the 20-year-old girl Blessing on behalf of Emmanuella over IG.


Emmanuella was seen alongside her father Ekpe Ayokhai, and other family members beat Blessing whom they later drove into an unknown forest where the senior lecturer used a pair of scissors to tear her dress from her body, abandoning her in the middle of nowhere.


One of the boys was telling Blessing ”nah bush you dey.”


The video sparked an outrage which led the police to swiftly take action by arresting Emmanuella and her father, Fred.


However, in the video seen by this publication, Blessing who spoke a bit about how she was unable to lift her hands after the incident, showed off the injury she sustained during the incident.


She also noted that she has not been feeling like herself since the incident.



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