Questions have been asked about BNG because many have lost touch with reality. Where is BNG? Why are we no longer seeing BNG? And many more questions. Those asking are desperate to continue to see BNG talking and showcasing- showmanship struggle.


It is annoying when these questions are asked because fraud and deceit have taken hold of the struggle. Nigerian military is killing and maiming our people. ESN camps are being busted and gallant youths killed like fowls while many stay at home demanding shows for bragging rights. Who told you Biafra is a game of show and without show, there is no Biafra?


In the last major live broadcast anchored by the general commander of BNG, General Innocent Orji, he made it clear that BNG will no longer showcase anything but go back to work. The message was vividly passed that BNG is going underground to continue preparation for the defense of our already declared sovereignty on 30th of October 2021.


Many want BNG to act films, chase cow, come out on the street and constitute a nuisance and demand for funds. Unfortunately; BNG is a moral military institution that is defined by hard work and precision guided objectives.

The mission is to defend our land that was re-declared a sovereign state and the people BNG is contending with is a state with billions of dollars budget and military investment and this war cannot be won by constituting a public nuisance and in return engaging in fraudulent fundraising. BNG needs a huge investment and serious preparation and preparation is not a public show.


Any serious person or group that wants to fight Nigeria to restore Biafra must not be a barking dog. A barking dog does bark to get attention and achieve unworthy aim, because it knows it doesn’t bite. Agitation for the restoration of Biafra became a money bag business and the decision of BNG to stay low, work hard and do the needful should rather been seen as vintage Ojukwu. BNG mean business and they know the magnitude of the business.

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The fight for the restoration of Biafra is frightening and one of the hardest fights in this life one can engage in. When you see people shouting, showing off, telling you this and that, just be well informed that they are doing a different business. To restore Biafra is not to show off, wag tongue, shoot guns in the bush or market.


BNG re-declared state of Biafra; carried out an operation, showed their military hardware to pass a clear message of readiness and will. Preparation for the restoration of Biafra is a different ball game and showing the enemy everything is not an act of war. There must be element of surprise and keeping everybody in the dark is part of war strategy.

For those asking about BNG; are you asking about BNG because you want to invest millions for stockpiling or purchase of military hardware or you are asking about BNG because you need more of BNG live broadcast because it keeps you entertained and gives you a bragging right? There are ways you can reach BNG if you have a question.

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BNG is not under any pressure to please anyone and neither did BNG collect money from our people like other groups and is being pressured to show what they did with the money. BNG is taking her time; knowing that this is not a war that needs a few to execute. Preparation is underway and those that invested massively on BNG are getting daily update about the state of Biafra. If you have invested nothing; it is better you keep your mouth shut and watch.


Biafra has been re-declared a sovereign state and to defend it is the main thing and main thing takes sufficient preparation and will be triggered without retreat or surrender. To know about BNG’s preparation update; you need to be responsible for BNG.


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