BTO: A quintessential man with many names

BTO: Nomenclatures are evidence of how people perceive one, in Yoruba land,names are special , they are are unique, it gives an insight into the personality of an individual. Even in the bible, Names are revelations of destiny no wonder Jabez prayed to God to change his name. Also in the bible, Names are premonitions of what to come, God changed Abram (exalted father) to Abraham (meaning Father of multitudes or nations) because of the importance of names.

Today, We have a young man in our political space whose name is changing every minute, A man named Olubunmi( gift from God) , BTO is indeed a gift to all, an answered prayers to those whose lives he has touched.


His first political name was Ayanfe (Beloved).

Yes the love is real and massive, the streets credibility is unparalleled, give me a man loved by God and I will tell you , it’s Hon ( Dr) Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo – A man whose physical absence commands such crowd , respect , admiration and love, I keep wondering what his physical presence will command? Definitely double of such .


BTO is Special and he’s loved, Love is not induced or forced, it stems from genuine intentions, when the people can sense you genuinely care about them, They give their love massively, after all, that’s all they have to give and with it is their prayers and Good will.

Later they call him Amuyangan (The Pride) Of Ondo State, Yes when your child is good , he becomes the child of everybody. Today in Ondo State and beyond, we call him our pride, BTO assists everyone regardless of where you come from, he doesn’t discriminate or calculates like most politicians who first look at what value you will add before helping you, BTO creates opportunity for people to excel, (I’m living example of his benevolence).

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Now Asogbodilu ( Renovator) of modern Akoko Land, his projects in Akoko NE/NW is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf. It’s massive and unprecedented just in 3 years , no wonder, his people are clamouring for his continuity in office.


Yes BTO is a trailblazer who walks where others fear to tread. His continuity in office has been declared by his people, the voice of the people is the voice of God( Vox Populi Vox Dei)

In 2023, he will be re-elected into office in the most freest and fairest election ever, this good will is a reward of service driven by purest of intentions and Grace of God.

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I am Osamaye Seun Bosede
I am Proudly BTO Ambassador

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