Buhari Donates $1m To Taliban controlled Afghanistan

The government of President Muhammadu Buhari has donated $1 million to Afghanistan.


Secretary-General of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Hissein Brahim Taha, disclosed this in a statement.


Commending the Nigerian government, Taha said OIC remains committed to supporting Afghanistan.


“The Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Hissein Brahim Taha has commended with appreciation the generous donation of one million dollars made by the Republic of Nigeria to the Humanitarian Trust Fund for Afghanistan.”


“This donation comes in time to add a new momentum to OIC’s efforts to contribute to easing the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan and to help in catering for the needs of millions of Afghan people, including women and children.

“OIC remains committed to the noble cause of supporting the Afghan people and will spare no effort in implementing to the full the special resolution on Afghanistan issued by the last extraordinary session of the Council of Foreign Ministers held in December 2021 in Islamabad, Republic of Pakistan.

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“The OIC appeals to all Member States, stakeholders and partners to come on board and make contributions to the humanitarian trust fund for Afghanistan through the bank account reserved for this fund within the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB).”


Afghanistan was plunged into crisis after The Taliban took control following the withdrawal of American troops in August.


The country currently faces hardship under the oppressive regime of The Taliban.

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The Talibans since they took over Afghanistan have been finding it difficult to fund themselves, except through generous supporters.


They returned to power twenty years after their ouster by U.S. troops. The Islamic fundamentalist group ruled Afghanistan from 1996 until the U.S.-led invasion in 2001


For 20 years, the U.S. government and other countries have financed the vast majority of the Afghan government’s non-military budget – and every cent of the fighting force that melted to the Taliban so quickly in August 2021.

This tie was later cut off publicly but the US left them with enough weapons.

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In December 2021, the Taliban pleaded with the US and the West to show ‘mercy and compassion’ by releasing $10billion in funds frozen when the group seized Afghanistan.


Afghan Foreign Minister, Amir Khan Muttaqi said the funds would help millions of the country’s citizens that are in desperate need.

Buhari Donates $1m To Taliban Government of Afghanistan

He also claimed Afghanistan’s new Taliban rulers are committed in principle to education and jobs for girls and women, a marked departure from their previous time in power which saw a history of oppression and human rights abuses.


This recent fund may as well change something in the muslim dominated country.


Nigerians React

Meanwhile, following the donation of $1 million by President Muhammadu Buhari to Afghanistan, a section of Nigerians have expressed anger over the president’s gesture amid hardship ravaging the country.


Some Nigerians who took to their Twitter handles to express their feelings, tackled the president for allegedly ignoring the numerous challenges in the country to donate such an amount to the Islamic nation.


Below are some of the reactions compiled by DAILY POST.


@Cvans5A: “Nigeria Senate approves loan request for president Buhari which he then squanders as he pleases – travels, birthday bash at Dubai and donates to the radical Islamic state of Afghanistan. As he pleases, who did this to us?”


@achemejnr: “How can Buhari, who is a perpetual borrower, donate $1 million to Afghanistan, while we have many internal crises at hand that need attention? Buhari’s body language speaks volumes. Taliban and Boko Haram”.


@Aniyielfeanyic1: “With our out-of-this-world load of issues, loan burden and perennial deficit in every aspect of our national life, somebody deems it fit to ‘dash’ (gift) a Taliban-controlled state, $1m of our almost ‘expired’ foreign reserve”.

@Marcelo: “Mr. President is donating $1 million to Afghanistan but has no money to pay ASUU. What a misplace of priority. Religion before the well being of Nigerians. President Buhari Donates $1m To Afghanistan, we are finished”.


@Moralevitae: “Blood of Jesus Christ. If a Southern Christian president donates the same amount to a Christian country, some hypocritical bloodletting leeches will burn down the country. What is the difference between Nigeria and Afghanistan today? It’s a big shame on brainless Buhari”.

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