Buhari Poor Performances, Headache To Asiwaju Ambition

Buhari Poor Performances, Headache To Asiwaju Ambition

Due to the poor performances and failure of Buhari’s govt has created a lot of headaches for the realisation of Asiwaju presidency come 2023. Honestly, all the recent happenings in Buhari’s govt has shown that Buhari is nothing but a failure. It has made it difficult for Asiwaju and his supporters on how to sell candidacy of Tinubu to ordinary Nigerians.


Is it the issue of persistent insecurity in the country, harsh and unfriendly economy and corruption that have overwhelmed the people or on what basis is APC as a party going to solicit for votes from the masses.


Asiwaju and his supporters should not campaign to Nigerians based on continuity of Buhari’s govt otherwise even the moron won’t vote for APC. I don’t know the interest of Buhari in purchasing vehicles for official use of Niger republic govt, he has started construction of railway lines from Katsina to Niger republic of what benefit.



I think we have to dig deeper into Buhari’s background, may be his paternity could be traced to Niger. On insecurity, Buhari’s govt sanctioned a particular media house that revealed the hide out of bandits by asking it to pay the sum of #5m. Is Buhari supporting the gunmen or what. I hope the insinuation by some Nigerians that Buhari is a patron of bokoharam is not true but he is taking side with these terrorists. Asuu and our University students have been home for more than six months nothing is done on it and Buhari deem fit to purchase vehicles for Niger republic govt, what a pity.


However, I only pity Tinubu and I don’t envy him , this time that Tinubu throw his hat into the ring for Nigeria presidency could be termed as wrong time.


While I still believe in the competency of Asiwaju, I still hope that Tinubu will win 2023 election based on his past antecedents not on the performances of APC led the federal government.

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Pls, Asiwaju supporters should not use continuity as their slogan to campaign but sell Tinubu’s personality to ordinary Nigerians.


Come 2023, Asiwaju is our president. #ON ASIWAJU MANDATE WE STAND#

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