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Bukola Saraki: PDP ready to wrest power from Buhari in 2023

Bukola Saraki: PDP ready to wrest power from Buhari in 2023
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Former Senate President Bukola Saraki, on Tuesday, declared that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has what it takes to regain power in 2023.


Saraki said the PDP is prepared to wrest power from the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC, in 2023.


He spoke while featuring on Arise Television, where he responded to questions on how the party would regain power in 2023.

Bukola Saraki: PDP ready to wrest power from Buhari in 2023
Bukola Saraki: PDP ready to wrest power from Buhari in 2023

The former Senate President said the polarity being witnessed in Nigeria would help the PDP return to power in 2023.

He pointed out that Nigeria has never been this polarized as witnessed in Nigeria under President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, which would help the PDP in 2023.


According to Saraki: “We have what it takes but beyond having what it takes; we should ask ourselves what would make our work much easier and where the country is today.


“There is no doubt that as a country, we are not as united as we used to be.


“Since the civil war, Nigeria has never been this disunited. We have high unemployment, security issues, among others. And these are backed by statistics. I’m not just speaking as an opposition leader.


“The country is in a different place, and Nigerians have seen what the ruling party has done to them.


“We are the only alternative available for Nigerians to have good governance.


“We must convince Nigerians that we are ready to take charge and wrestle power.”


Also, Saraki hinted that a former governor and some bigwigs will soon defect from the All Progressives Congress to the Peoples Democratic Party.


He said, “We have the potentials to turn the country around and that is why I believe with the right leadership, things can change in the country. I often say that no one can give whatever he does not have. In 2023, we have to get it right and to do that, we needed the right kind of leadership.

“There were certain governors that we already know that they will leave. And we were not surprised that they defected to the APC. Since then, we have had some bigwigs that joined us. Also in this week, there is a former governor that is going to join our party, PDP.


“Aside from that, we know that some of the leaders in the ruling party will not defect early, rather they do it late. And you saw that during the 2015 election. So, keep watching, And Nigerians will not be surprised when they begin to see some defections from the ruling party to the PDP.”


Saraki said he was not planning to return to APC in 2023.


He said, “On the question that if I decide to run and don’t get the ticket, would I defect? I think that is not really fair. In 2015, I ran for the presidency and didn’t get it, but I offered myself to be the DG of Atiku, and I worked hard.


“I’m a team player; personal ambition is not what the issue is today; what is important is to get this country right. I have my children and grandchildren, and we must leave a better country with jobs for our talented youths. The fact that I said some people would defect does not mean I would defect.”

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