Burna Boy intends leaving Tweeter for good.

Burna Boy intends leaving Tweeter for good.

Burna Boy on Wednesday, 1st April, says he is leaving Twitter for good and never looking back.


Burna boy in a series of tweets shared via his personal Twitter page on Wednesday, tweeted he is leaving the social media app because he is too real for people to handle on the platform.

This is my Last personal tweet Ever. I Imma just leave this app cuz apparently I’m too real for it. Everyone, please use this COV-19 times to really find out what your true purpose in this world is, train your mind and body to the fullest, get Closer to the Most high n ur Family.


“Find out who is truly for you and who is really your Enemy. Let conscience and Confidence Lead you all, As it has lead me all my life. Peace and Love,” he concluded.

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Burna Boy’s tweets might be connected to the statements credited to him on March 31, 2020, on the social media platform.

Burna Boy says he is leaving Twitter for good and never looking back. [Instagram/BurnaBoyGram]

The music star had in a series of tweets talked about his journey so far in the music industry, upcoming album and slamming those who said he copied Fela Kuti’s style of music.


Although, this is not the first time Burna Boy has threatened to leave a social media platform.

Back in 2019, the music star said he was done with social media as he was leaving all its platforms, permanently.


According to him, his social media pages will now be used strictly for business and controlled by his management team.

Burna Boy intends leaving Tweeter for good.


I love the fact that you low-key challenge & tension every single person including your very close folks you call “friends till death”. This only spurs your relevance everywhere, and you’ll continue to remain this relevant as long as you keep giving us hits. No looseguard Champ!


Your branding is looking like it wants to be based on enlightenment/physical controversy, etc. The fact that you’re not α coward about this, is what inspires me. You’re confident & vocal about your ideals, but please don’t turn into a STAR, good people will love to hate. Light Glowing star.

– @OfficialShegs

Burna boy on his live said you can never discredit a man who’s come from nothing and made it this far, no matter what anyone says or does on social media never forget reality. That’s the African giant speaking straight facts.

–  @dylansszn


We all know you are not going anywhere, you will still come back

–  H.A.I.S.H.A.H

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