Can a Scammer copy Your Voice and Face in a video call?

Can a Scammer copy Your Voice and Face in a video call?

YES a video call can be faked and yes, someone else’s image used. And that’s IF they will even do a video call.


”I see a lot of emphasis being put on the video call, but I think people don’t realize that with anything else in the technology/online world, it can be manipulated and altered.” Says Laura via Quora.


”Most of the time, though, you’ll never get a video call and if you do manage to get one, something will always go wrong with the connection. Almost always.”



”**I want to add something to this answer. I watched a show the other night, and I guess while I was not surprised, I was still blown away by what I watched.”


”A journalist was in Ghana (an epicenter for scammers). There were a group of men sitting around a table working in a group! They had “hunters” and “finishers.” This really is a job for these people. There was even a male and female team working on scramming some guy in the US.


”The show talked about how many men are scammed, but are less likely to report it. It was an interesting, albeit infuriating, thing to watch. They have entire “tool kits” that they use for their job, tools such as scripts, graphics to make fake documents, driver’s licenses, social security cards, etc. I bring this up because they were faking calls and video calls. Make no mistake that in this age of technology, ANYTHING can be faked, anything.**”

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