Certain People are truly destined to Die by Suicide – GURU SUBAI

Quite a number of people have committed suicide to put an end to their earthly troubles and quite a number of people are still contemplating committing suicide.


Read Guru Deseye Subai’s summary lesson on, suicide versus appointed date of death.


“None of us can change the spiritual laws that govern human existence. The spirit world is not the National Assembly, where human laws are subject to amendment, debate and obliteration.  You either, voluntarily obey spiritual laws or you will be forced to obey them.


“Every mortal has a pre-ordained date, to depart from planet earth and every one of us, must have to wait for the preordained date. We are not permitted to decide our date of departure from planet earth.


Committing suicide simply means, starting all over again, with new additional punishment. People who committed suicide, have been forced right back, to planet earth almost immediately, and they are still facing the same past life problems, all over again.

For instance, if someone commits suicide to evade severe financial situation, the person will be forced, to come back to planet earth and face more severe financial troubles etc.

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I want you to bear in mind, certain people are truly destined to die by suicide for atonement purposes.”


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