Charles Awurum to Peter Obi: Who are you?

Charles Awurum to Peter Obi: Who are you?

Nollywood comic actor, Charles Awurum took a funny swipe at the Labour Party Presidential flag bearer Peter Obi over what he inferred as his unassuming yet significant impact in the just-concluded general elections.

The 58-year-old actor, in an Instagram video, wittingly applauded Mr Obi’s resilience and how his ‘Obidient’ movement has changed the Nigerian elections narrative.

Charles Awurum to Peter Obi: Who are you?
Charles Awurum to Peter Obi: Who are you?

The comment comes on the heels of Mr Obi’s denial of a treason allegation levelled against him by the federal government, a few days after a leaked audio where he described the 2023 presidential election as a ‘religious war.’ 


Speaking in Pidgin English, the actor, who deployed sarcasm in his remark, said, “There’s time for laughter, and there is time to be very serious and saying things as they are. This isn’t a laughing matter. I want to ask questions, and he must answer me, or we go to court.

“Peter Obi, who are you? See what you’ve done to our elections… We’ve been conducting elections for years, and they’ve been rigged without incident. They’ll rig, we’ll protest, but it came to nothing. We’ve done this for years.

“Who are you, Peter Obi? You came suddenly; the election was conducted and, as usual, rigged. Since then, nobody has had peace. Everywhere is shaking. Nobody is going scot-free this time. Peter Obi, who are you? The normal election is done and rigged as usual, and the riggers become governor and senator. Is that why no one can rest since you came along?”


Speaking further, the actor, who has been outspoken about voter apathy in Nigeria, also humorously questioned Mr Obi’s challenge of the presidential election process in court.

“This is not a joke at all. I want to ask a question, and the person concerned must answer, or we go to court,” he said.


The veteran actor, in another video, tackled vice-chancellors, who he claimed politicians used as pawns.

He claimed it was time to help Nigerian vice-chancellors who feel ashamed of their actions since, despite their education, they allowed greedy politicians to use them as pawns.


He stated that he could not understand the ‘greed’ of the university dons who, he alleged, recieved bribes at the expense of Nigerians.

Although the actor has never publicly endorsed Mr Obi or the other presidential aspirants, his followers think he is ‘Obidient’ because he has taken subliminal swipes at the PDP and APC presidential aspirants in the past.

Charles Awurum

Awurum became famous after being featured in the movie “Apama” alongside the late Sam Loco Efe. His film credits include; “Apama”, “Game Fools Play”, “The King & the Crown”, “Johnbull & Rosekate”, and his latest, “Skelewu in America”.

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