Check out Bill Gates ‘ 48-Year-Old Resume

The resume of Microsoft founder and one of the world’s richest men, Bill Gates, dating back to 48 years has surfaced on social media, the career network, LinkedIn.


His resume dates back to his first time at Harvard. In it, the billionaire and co-founder of Melinda and Gates Foundation stated his expertise which includes operating systems structure, database management, computer graphics and compiler construction.


While sharing a picture of the resume, the billionaire said that most recent graduates and university dropouts’ resumes look better than his which is 48 years old.


The almost 50 decades-old resume mentions he was an honours student and received As in all his courses. During his time at Harvard, he was known as William Henry Gates III.

Check out Bill Gates ' 48-Year-Old Resume
Bill Gates ‘ 48-Year-Old Resume

Despite his assertion that other people’s resumes are better than his, social media users think otherwise. Someone called it a piece of archaeology.


A great example of a hustling spirit Another thanked the billionaire for sharing his experience, saying he is a great example of the essence of a CV and what it means, unveiling what is behind the word and that it is a great one-page resume.

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He said: “We should all go back and have a look. Sometimes, we should all keep copies of our past resumes. Sometimes, we forget how much we have accomplished in our lives.”


Another use tried to imagine how the CV was created what software was used to create it and which printer printed it.


The post had over 130, 000 interactions.

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LinkedIn was bought by Microsoft in 2016 for $26.2 billion.

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