Chief Chris Uba: Man who sponsored Ekwunife to senate

Chief Chris Uba: Man who sponsored Ekwunife to senate

This is the man that Peter Obi sent packing, Chief Chris Uba (PDP), the godfather of Anambra politics in the 2000’s. He was the Asiwaju of Anambra Politics:

  1. Made Ngige governor
  2. Sponsored all 30 members of the state HOA
  3. Nominated speaker & made his sister deputy-speaker
  4. Made his brother Andy Uba OBJ’s aide
  5. Sponsored his eldest brother Dr Ugochukwu Uba to senate
  6. Sponsored Uche Ekwunife to the senate
  7. Controlled all 3 senatorial zones and federal HOR positions
  8. Nominated all commissioners under Ngige
  9. Had a % of the state’s internally generated revenue and fed allocation
  10. Determined who got government contracts
  11. Arrested a sitting governor Dr Ngige when he stopped honoring his side of the bargain
  12. Took Ngige to Okija shrine to swear oath of allegiance in exchange for making him governor
  13. Controlled majority of the touts in Anambra


When we tell y’all to keep quiet and watch Peter Obi do his thing, we know what we are saying, this whole APC charade is not new to Peter Obi, he has faced and conquered it before and he will do it again.

Obi may seem calm, but never take his calmness for weakness.


Peter Obi dismantled his structure of criminality in the state, he chased all Ubas political thugs into oblivion, they never returned, he watered down his powers in Anambra state and today he’s a nobody in Anambra politics.


What Tinubu and APC have presented before Nigerians and the entire world is a game Peter Obi is very much familiar with and he would take on them squarely. Ask any Anambra person about Eselu na enu ego, Peter Obi dealt with him and his boy Ngige, Ngige had to run to AC now APC.

Do not fret, our stolen mandate will be recovered, that’s why they are running from pillar to post trying to hold unto anything to gain a standing, they know who Peter Obi is, they know he is a serial winner and stubborn man who wont back down, stay awake my people, don’t FRET!



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