China Eastern Plane Crash: “The plane did what it was commanded to do by someone in the cockpit”

Flight data indicates a China Eastern Airlines plane that crashed in March was intentionally put into a nose-dive, according to US media reports.


According to reports indicating an early evaluation by US officials, investigators have not discovered any mechanical or technical flaws with the jet.


When the plane crashed, it was travelling between Kunming and Guangzhou in southern China.


The jet disaster killed all 132 passengers and staff members on board.


According to a person acquainted with US officials’ first assessment of the cause of the crash, “the plane did what it was commanded to do by someone in the cockpit.”


Inputs to the controls forced the jet into a near-vertical plunge, according to data retrieved from one of the plane’s “black box” flight recorders.


According to ABC News, which cited US sources, the crash was likely caused by an intentional act.

China Eastern Plane Crash: “The plane did what it was commanded to do by someone in the cockpit''
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According to Reuters, which quoted two persons briefed on the situation, investigators are investigating into whether the crash was caused by deliberate action on the flight deck, with no evidence of a mechanical problem detected.


China admits that no one survived the jet disaster.


What do we know about the China jet disaster so far.

The three pilots on board, according to China Eastern Airlines, were qualified and in good health.


The airline told the Wall Street Journal separately that none of the pilots appeared to be in financial jeopardy.


A BBC request for comment was not immediately returned by China Eastern Airlines.


The Chinese Civil Aviation Administration (CAAC), which is in charge of the crash investigation, did not immediately respond to a BBC request for comment.

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The CAAC claimed last month that reports that the plane was deliberately crashed had “gravely misled the public” and “interfered with accident investigation efforts.”


According to the Chinese state media outlet the Global Times, investigators are still analyzing flight data and wreckage from the incident.


The CAAC will “carry out the accident inquiry in a scientific, rigorous, and orderly manner,” according to the statement.


Due to restrictions established by the United Nations’ International Civil Aviation Organization, the Chinese embassy in Washington, the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), and plane manufacturer Boeing all declined to comment on the Wall Street Journal’s allegation.


A Boeing representative told the BBC on Wednesday that “under the laws involving crash investigations… only the investigating agency can comment on an open air accident inquiry.” The business previously stated that it was supporting Chinese investigators and engaging with the National Transportation Safety Board.


The last significant disaster occurred 12 years ago, thus Chinese airlines have a strong safety record.


The jet that crashed was a China Eastern Airlines airliner.

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