Christianity, the leading source of prostate cancer – Nigerian man says

A Nigerian man who calls himself Black Jesus on Twitter, has claimed that men are dying of prostrate cancer because ”Christianity demonized polygamy.”

He tweeted this on Wednesday, December 2022, while addressing women who said they hate polygamy.

“Hanty, hope you know Polygamy wasn’t practiced to Humiliate Women. Our Grand Mothers enjoyed it, infact it made their Husbands live up to 150 yrs old. Christianity demonized Polygamy and that’s why our Men now die with Prostate Cancer. Our Forefathers were Wise,” he wrote.

Continuing on Thursday December 8, he tweeted:

“Hanty you hate Polygamy but if #Ronaldo or #Messi chats you up to be their Side Chick, you will offer thanksgiving to the Lord. You will even change your name from Adanma to Ada-Zion or Ada-Football.  You will also edit your Profile to… “A Small Girl With Big God”

Nigerians react

Nothing wrong with polygamy. Most women enjoy 3somes why not legalize it

U don’t need justification to practice what you feel….but we who know d God we serve know what’s right… says he knows what is right n does not do it sins. Carry on with Ur polygamy but know that u must b responsible for Ur action

Since when did polygamy stop cheating? Men of old had farmlands to take care of their many wives. Are these men you are clamouring for going to keep the many women in their two or three bedroom apartment? Hahahahaha! Have you verified that all the children born to the man with many wives belong to him? The simple reason you are clamouring for polygamy is because of sex, that’s all these men think about. Go and marry many wives but know this, it will not stop the insatiable d*** from cheating neither will it cause you happiness.

Christianity do not come with a dagger on your throat ! People are turned back from attending Churches cos they have more than one wife, you have your free will. Come to think of it characters of so many men and women of today due to global demand on living cannot cope with polygamy as an institution for it is more than sex alone… #awordenough

No, they die of prostate cancer because they sleep around and introduce all kinds of viruses into their prostate gland. They also are victims of governments like the one you elected (Buhari; I am guessing from your state of ignorance that you must’ve voted for him) who will not provide simple access to preventive health care. The igbo men like you are in addition victims of foolish pride. They will have symptoms of disease and pretend manhood until the disease consumes them. THey will hide and be faking I be nwoke until the disease destroys what is left of their lives and creates havoc for their wives and children who have to care for them. Because of their misplaced pride and lack of humility, what could be a simple surgery becomes a shit and urine cleaning business until the person dies. Go and get your prostate checked and check for viruses in your system. You sound like someone wey dey waka. Na dem disease dey get well well.

What is funny is how these same men will be the first to run dna test on their kids after birth and still be thinking that they have monopoly over cheating wey no get gender. That disconnect is very hard for many men to divest themselves of. You really think you will cheat on your wife and she will just take sorry like that? She is either fine with it cos she is doing her own or she is currently plotting your demise. As for this one, his girlfriend or wife is likely fucking other men especially with this his oversexed cheating mentality. Most men define lack of peace as inability to cheat without consequences. Well, your wife too need peace o, aka ability to cuckold you without consequence which many idiots like this one are not even aware that they are under. Better give your wife peace or else she set go find peace and laughter elsewhere.

Women will curse you today, lol. How rich are you to take care of many wives? This economy is frustrating with only one wife not to talk of many. But can one lady satisfy one man🤷

The guy needs help. What is the he relationship between monogamy and prostate cancer? How can you just throw something carelessly without any explanation

Christianity never demonized polygammy as the bible does not proclaim you get married to only one wife.

Read this comment and started thinking what the actual title of the story i read actually was…I completely forgot the whole story… Screwed up now to figure out the prostrate cancer thing again…guess the whole subject and surrounding thinking there of is just so shocking for me…how Nigerians really think…so unfortunate…cheating is and side chicks are such common words, it is indirectly engraved in other Nigerians who at childhood must have wanted to love and stay with one woman…having kids and living the longest… As must as social media now make us Nigerians think we are Americans or live same life, the reality diaspora might be so shocking to a core Nigerian, he might wish to run back to Nigeria… As much as you think and feel, many westerners or Europeans cheat or love ideas such as threesomes…you might be shocked how honest they can generally be with marriage…and how cheating is seen…or the idea of threesomes…what you see in the PORN you now have free access to isn’t so general…those are just people pushing ideas to make money…behold such idea isn’t selling too well in the west as much as Africans who copy and think this is the life…many of those porn stars are seen differently here…assuming you know one. Anyways, Nigerians grow up…it is so sad always hearing the need for a second or a third wife… Nigeria may never grow but plunge into deeper crises if such ideas are past unto generations… Many western countries has laws that bans Polygamy…if not all west… Imagine the people you copy making such law…but as much as you copy them, you can’t copy that aspect of their law…WHY? WHY? Africa isn’t ready…at all…mentally and otherwise…we blame the devil and do human rituals when we are our own problems….PEACE ✌

Monogamy is not even a Christian thing but a European tradition. Please bring back polygamy. Too many beautiful women need husbands 🙂

Arinze figo
We are living in the era where women seek equal right and everything with men, they now see polygamy as a punishment to them. They preach love and blind these generation of men with fake love and pretence, so they won’t be looking to get a second wife, backing it up with biblical quotes and christian doctrines. And I’m adding to this young man’s voice to ask you ladies” are your husbands not still cheating today with other women”? Let me now burst all una head, 98.5percent of men in the whole wide world cheat on their women. With that empty thing you carry along calling it head, you will and can never be wiser than our forefathers, They know one woman can never be enough for a man for peace to be everywhere. David, Solomon, Abraham, even my grandpa had 10wives, non of them fought each other till they all died. You dey house dey drag your husband prick claiming woman of the house while your husband is busy bursting and knacking every available pussy within and outside.

To even the playing ground, it should be both ways. If the woman is financially stable enough, she can also marry more than one husband. I am a guy, I have daughters, I also want my girls to win and enjoy same pleasures men enjoy. I might be wrong, but this is me speaking from my gut. We should protect and educate the girl child, she should be equally armed for the future.

Sam X
Christianity never demonized nor demonizes polygamy as long as you can meet their emotional and financial needs equally 1 Corinthians 7:29

The bible only instructed leaders of the church to marry one wife. It didn’t say the followers should do same.

Nawa o. Some of us want to be 3rd or 4th wives with baby girl live style.. we just want to relax and be taken care of..

Children born into polygamous family will tell you the evil in polygamy. It affects even your relationship with others, you will think someone is always after you. The man and women engaged in it are always in conflict. It is difficult to please one wife let alone 2 or more women. At old age, most men that practice polygamous regrets it. We are the 21st century when information has increased all over the world. Not like our parents or grandparents’ days. Polygamy is evil. I apologize to Muslims if this offend them. You can’t love 2 people the same not even your children.

Gbenupo Cadmus
Let’s even take away religion from all of this first. We are supposed to be “higher animals” right. (Theory of Evolution). So we have a brain and we can think right. Okay. So let’s assume we are animals, a male dog or a male lion goes to female Lion A and has sex with it. Tomorrow, the same male lion or dog goes on to have sex with female Lion B. And the cycle continues like that. You can all agree that male species are “polygamous” in nature. Where we are different than animals is that we have a brain, we have feelings, we have emotions. Note: some animals too have emotions. But for this context, we being “higher animals” has given us that edge over other animals because we can think, we have emotions. We know that we can love, hate, care and all of that. So if we can do all that, it’s only logical to say that a male will want to love a female and vice versa, without having any other “competitor” to contend with. So if we are higher animals, then we should know that it’s not right to want to hurt another person by having side chicks or side men. So we stick to one wife alone for the rest of our lives. It’s not easy, but this is what differentiates us from other animals in the planet.

Must you people attack church and Bible. If you want polygamous home why not join our Muslim brothers. My only question is this… Una guy man…. Hope u fit pay school fees. No go do polygamous birn children wey no fit go polytechnic o. U see many wey dey beg for road with plate na polygamous children be that o. Black Jesus with black thought. U tink say women never get sense abi. Na rat poison go just finish u. Who tell this one say women even dey find hus these days talk less to share. I don’t know how people we sit down and be using technol

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One thought on “Christianity, the leading source of prostate cancer – Nigerian man says

  1. You think say you wise, na mumu dey worry you. If you wake in the morning, use your head to this of how you can bring development to humanity, not trying to drag back humanity with this you empty thought. Remember, what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. No one has the monopoly of cheating. Be wise.

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