Ciara attempts the #balancechallenge by CKay with a Bottle of Rum on her head

Ciara is showing off her seriously sexy — and wildly impressive — dance moves.


The “Dance Like We’re Making Love” singer, 36, took to Instagram on Thursday to take on the “balance challenge,” and to say that she totally aced it may be an understatement.


Jumping to the “Love Nwantiti” song by CKay, in which the remix features Joeboy & Kuami Eugene, Ciara is seen, in the nearly 40-second video, which was also posted to her TikTok account; wearing a bright orange sarong and shaking her booty while topless, facing away from the camera so only her back, which is partially covered by her long locks, shows.

El blends valentins Day


The camera then pans out to show the singer effortlessly balancing a bottle of Ten to One Rum on her head while continuing to give even the most experienced dancers a masterclass on twerking.

Technically called the “bottle balance challenge,” according to this video posted to the TikTokIt YouTube account, social media users are taking on the act of balancing a bottle on their heads while doing a wide range of dance moves in the latest viral challenge to sweep the popular platform.


“I’ve been loving my curves, even though I’m like ‘Okay, this is not quite my normal flow’ I still feel so confident it doesn’t matter,” she told Cosmopolitan. “It doesn’t matter if there’s more of my hips to hold on to. I think, especially as a woman, it’s important for us to be able to feel like that. There’s nothing better.”

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While many celebs and fans flocked to the comment section to praise Ciara for her dance moves, the “Goodies” singer’s husband couldn’t get enough of her sultry video.


“See you later tonight after work hahaha,” the football star commented, adding a few heart emojis and cry-laughing emojis to his cheeky comment.


The remix video to Love Nwantiti has over 150m views.

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Quotable Lyrics from the song by CKay goes thus;

My baby, my Valentine (yeah)
Girl, na you dey make my temperature dey rise
If you leave me, I go die, I swear
You are like the oxygen I need to survive
I’ll be honest
Your loving dey totori me
I am so obsessed
I want to chop your nkwobi


Ule, your body dey gbakam isi
Ule, open am make I see
Ule, nyem love nwantiti
Wey fit make a bad man sing, oh yeah


Ahn ahn ahn ahn ahn ahn
Ahn ahn ahn ahn ahn ahn, ahn ahn ahn
Ahn ahn ahn ahn ahn ahn
Ahn ahn ahn ahn ahn ahn, ahn ahn ahn
Ahn ahn ahn ahn ahn ahn
Ahn ahn ahn ahn ahn ahn, ahn ahn ahn
Ahn ahn ahn ahn ahn ahn
Ahn ahn ahn ahn ahn ahn, ahn ahn ahn


Download complete Audio remix of “Love Nwantiti” featuring Joeboy and Kuami Eugene below;

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