Cleric beseech federal government against country’s dis-organization

Rev. Dealyn George, cleric and Regional Overseer, Abuja Regional Headquarters of the Apostolic Faith Church, on Sunday, 29th September, urged the Federal Government to provide more jobs for youths in the country.


Rev. Dealyn George, told newsmen that the problems of the country would be drastically reduced if the youths are taken care of.


“The government needs to take the youths away from the streets because many are on the streets causing trouble.”

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“They (government) need to provide jobs for the youths in the country. We don’t need to allow our children to continue to troop abroad to do dirty jobs that they cannot do here in the country,” he said.


The cleric also advocated for good governance across the country in order to totally eliminate a state of insecurity.


“We cannot continue the way we have been going. God will help us to do the right thing, so that the country will be safe from all manners of iniquities, banditry and armed robbery.


“A 59-year-old man should be able to take care of himself. So, we need the country to sign up to Jesus to be saved,” he said.


George said while the country as a whole needs to sign up for God, it was more important for the youths who are the nation’s future.


“If the youths can sign up for Jesus, there will be less problems in the country and when they are occupied serving God they will be totally safe from all calamities.”


“It is godliness and righteousness that preserve the nation. Sin is a reproach and anybody who practises sin is a reproach to himself, the Cleric stated.

“The government and the church have a great role and part to play to keep the youths in the ways of the Lord.”


“Any youth who sins brings shame and reproach to his family. They (youths) need to be closer to God. We need to get the youths involved in serving God.”


The church leader said Nigeria needs to sign up to be saved as it celebrates 59 years of Independence.

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“The country needs to sit up and get more matured at 59 years.”


Speaking through the the church’s 2019 regional youths concert held at the church’s headquarters, with theme “Sign me up”, taken from the bible, Revelation, chapter 21 verse 27, Idowu Noah, the District Youths Head, said the church’s youths gathered since Friday for the retreat.


“Today (Sunday) is the climax which ended with the orchestra concert.”


He added that the event was to celebrate the 59th anniversary of Nigeria’s independence.


“Nigeria is growing, expanding and approaching 60 years, and Nigeria should grow higher and move to the next level.”


“The issues of banditry and kidnapping are a result of unemployment. But, if we come together to worship and serve God with all our minds, all of these evils will be resolved,” he said.


Michael Adenuga, a six-year-old violist, said he was happy to celebrate God with his instrument.


“I love to play my instrument to glorify God.”


“The word of God gives me joy, and I want Nigeria to be free from all manners of evil, I want everyone to serve God diligently,” he said

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