Columbia University vs Black Model: Head of Psychiatry Suspended

Columbia University vs Black Model: The head of Columbia University’s psychiatry department put his foot in his mouth and now he has been suspended.


Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman, who is one of the top psychiatrists in the nation, got Twitter in a frenzy after re-sharing a post about model Nyakim Gatwech and posting “Whether a work of art or a freak of nature, she’s a beautiful sight to behold.”


To make matters worse, Dr. Lieberman was retweeting a post that said that Gatwech, who is of South Sudanese descent, is in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the darkest skin on earth, which isn’t true.

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Columbia University vs Black Model: Head of Psychiatry Suspended

After being suspended, he sent an apology to his colleagues via email saying he was “deeply ashamed” about what he said.

“An apology from me to the Black community, to women, and to all of you is not enough,” Lieberman wrote in the email according to The New York Times. “I’ve hurt many, and I am beginning to understand the work ahead to make needed personal changes and over time to regain your trust.”


Besides being suspended he has also lost other high-ranking positions. Lieberman has been booted from his psychiatrist-in-chief position at Columbia University Irving Medical Center/New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

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On Feb. 22, 2022, he resigned from his executive director position at the New York State Psychiatric Institute.


“Coming from somebody with so much power, that was so disappointing. I was like, this is straight up racism,” Gatwech told NBC New York.

Columbia University vs Black Model: Head of Psychiatry Suspended
Columbia University vs Black Model

She also clarified the false Guinness claims in a lengthy Instagram post where she said she and Guinness World Records have tried to get rid of this fake record.

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”It’s time I address a rumor ONCE and for all. I have no idea where it originated, but my manager first brought it to my attention in 2020 and although we’ve denied it to multiple fact-checkers, clearly it’s still floating around even after @guinnessworldrecords stated that it does NOT monitor skin tones. I can’t imagine it’s even possible to know who’s the lightest or darkest person on the planet!


”Unfortunately, I believe this has been impacting my @instagram account negatively. I have worked really hard to build my page and use it as platform to promote self acceptance, body positivity, and of course, my brand partnerships, but it’s about self love above anything else. I don’t buy followers, and to those who believe otherwise, I do not need to manufacture lies for likes. It’s not my style.


”I love my dark skin and my nickname “Queen of Dark,” but I’ve never said I’m the darkest person on earth,” She cleared.


Lieberman has since deleted his Twitter account.

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