I didn’t want to say anything about this whole Rape scandal, but it has raised a loud bell and I want to air my view.

Rape is a struggle, so we know for sure that “A virgin who got raped surely has blood stains and sperm deposits as evidences”.


However….I am not saying that Pastor Biodun is a saint. He may be guilty of adultery and fornication but certainly not Rape.


“I simply decided to use my head. To whom Brain is given, Good Reasoning is expected.


In this realm of ours…..I haven’t seen where a rape victim became friends with the rapist for over 20 years to the extent that the rapist became instrumental to the man she married. Same rapist made the husband Director of Music in his church bought her a car, took u her on vacation and made her his PA.


Are you aware that…….

The rape happened in Ilorin when the Pastor was yet nobody. Same rapist Pastor moved to Abuja and the same victim of his rape followed him for over 15 years. Travelled with him all over the world and even wedded her in his church.


Now consider this…..

“Busola even attended service in his church 24 hours after the rape incident and Pastor Biodun officiated”

Now my imagination is running wild…

Why would the rape story against the Pastor surfaced the moment her husband lost his position as a Director and Elder in the church through a verdict of the church council which the Pastor approved?


And I beg to ask…..

If he is a poor Okada rider in a remote village in Ilorin, will Bisola and Timi have the face to tell the world that he raped her?


In retrospect….

All I ask is that people should use their brain. This is exactly the sort of rubbish that landed us in this terrible economic situation we’re in.


Even if you don’t have “Common Sense,  you should have “Native Sense.

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