Fulani Claim They Have A Population Of 40 Million Persons Across Nigeria, But The Igbo s Whose Population Should Be Far More Than That Of Fulani Are Unnecessarily Arguing About South-East Igbo, South South Igbo And Niger Delta Igbo, Instead Of Coming Together As One People To Pursue A Common Goal.


Fulani Is Not Even One Of The Major Tribes In Nigeria, But They Seem To Be More Powerful Than Other Tribes, Particularly The Igbo, Because They Understand That Politics And Leadership Is A Game Of Number.


These Fulani Work With Hausa, Which Have A Population Of About 70 Million Persons Across Nigeria, In Order To Keep On Being On Top.


Unfortunately, For Fear Of What Happened During The Civil War, The Nigerian Government Adopted The British Manipulative ‘Divide And Rule’ System Against You (Igbo) Across Nigeria, Just To Make Sure You Don’t Achieve Anything In Terms Of Numbers Or Numerical Strength, And You Accepted And Started Fighting Against Your Own Brother.

You Answer Ikechukwu, Nkechinyere, Amaechi, Ebele, Achuzie; But When You’re Asked Where You’re From, You Say You’re Not Igbo But From South South.


You Claim To Be Educated, Yet You Forgot That Your Teacher Did Not Teach You That SOUTH SOUTH Is One Of The Cardinal Points, Viz: EAST, WEST, NORTH, SOUTH.

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The Ordinal directions (also called the intercardinal directions) Are Northeast (NE), Southeast (SE), Southwest (SW), And Northwest (NW). It’s Only In Nigeria That It Can Be Found And Used To DIVIDE A PEOPLE, Ndigbo.


That’s Why We Now Hear:
I’m Not Igbo, I’m From South South.
I’m Not Igbo, I’m From Niger Delta.
I’m Igbo, I’m From South-East.


Confusion Everywhere!
Yes, You’re Completely Confused!
The People That Played The Game Are Laughing At You And At Your Ignorance, Amidst Your Big Educational Certificates.

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A Fulani Is A Fulani Anywhere In Nigeria.
Same Applies To Yoruba, Hausa And Others; It’s Only Igbo That Is Not.
Some Even Brag That They Are Real Igbo/Biafra While The Others Are Not.


This Wasn’t So Before And During The Civil War.
That’s Why Philip Efiong (In The Present Day Cross River State) Became The First Vice President And The Second President Of The Defunct Republic Of Biafra During The Nigerian Civil War Of 1967 To 1970.

That’s The Very Reason Okokon Ndem Became The Most Popular Voice Within And Outside Biafra During The Civil War.


Okokon Ndem Was Not Only The Head Of Radio Biafra But Radio Biafra Was On His Head.
Okokon Ndem Was From Present Day Cross River State.


Major Joseph Achuzie, A Nigerian British-trained Aeronautical Engineer (From Present Day Delta State), Loved By All Biafrans For His Doggednes And Stubborn Resistance In The Battle Field During The Nigerian Civil War.


Some Even Argue That Achuzie Fought More Than Every Other Military Officer During The War. He Was Sent Whenever And Wherever The Battle Was Tough, And When He Arrives He Would Perform The Magic He’s Known For And Put The Enemies To Flight.


It Gave Him The Name ‘Biafran Hannibal’.

He Obediently Worked With Ojukwu And Other Igbo At The Time In Question, Without Any Discrimination Or Doubt Whether He’s A Real Igbo Or Whatever.


My People, It Was The Unity And Force They Saw Among The Igbo During The Civil War That Made Them To Come Up With The Idea Of Dividing And Renaming The People.

Open Your Eyes, You Will See The Truth!

The Bible Says, “When The Foundation Is Destroyed, What Can The Righteous Do?”
Ndigbo, Let’s Come Home, Else Coming Generations Will Have No Tribe To Proudly And Boldly Stand On As Their Own.

The Time Is Now!
A Stich In Time Saves Nine!


Rev. Pastor OTU OBIAHU

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