Corvid-19 has come to expose so many things in CRS

CRS has 105 doctors on Govt payroll (CRS Government) it is a lie we have records and postings of doctors. CRS has only 33 doctors (Nigerian Medical Association CRS Branch).

Nigerian Medical Doctors have published precise postings of each medical doctor in CRS employ, we are earnestly waiting for the CRS Government to also publish names and postings of their claimed 105 medical doctors in government employ.

I don’t know who is correct between the CRS Government and the statistics of the Nigerian Medical Doctors Association. But if it is true that CRS has just 33 medical doctors, then there is an attempt to politicise this Covid 19 for political reasons. This will be too dangerous and capable of discrediting the claimed commitment of CRS Government to the Covid 19 fight.



Joseph Odok PhD Esq

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