THE Coalition of South-East Youth Leaders (COSEYL), berates recent extrajudicial killings mostly by men and officers of Nigeria Police Force in the South-East region, especially since the imposition of the nationwide lockdown to curb, contain and curtail spread of the novel COVID-19.


According to COSEYL, many police and other law enforcement agencies have reportedly shot dead Nigerian citizens within the region.

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Sighting examples, the Coalition outrightly condemns the wave of killings via a statement made available to GBETU and signed by COSEYL President General,  Hon. Goodluck Egwu Ibem and Secretary General, Comrade Kanice Igwe.


“The Coalition observed that since the imposition and subsequent enforcement of the lockdown measure, many police and other law enforcement agencies have reportedly shot dead Nigerian citizens of the region as against the rules of engagement or even the lockdown protocol itself. For example, on April 16, 2020 in Umuika Junction at Isialangwa North LGA of Abia state, an officer of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps shot dead one Amobi Igwe, a motorist said to be on essential duty. Also, before the incident of Igwe, a police officer at Ururuka in Obingwa LGA of Abia state shot dead Chibuisi a tragic event that left many mourning. There equally was the killing of Mr. Friday Arunsi at Ebem Ohafia on Friday, April 17, 2020, leading to riot and protest in which properties including court building and other government properties were utterly destroyed.


“While all these and more happened during the lockdown, the Coalition condemns outrightly the wave of killings (in similar manner again) that have trailed the post-lockdown era. Just within 24 hours two horrible deaths have befallen the region yet again. On Wednesday, July 8, 2020, Mr. Ifeanyi Kalu a revenue taskforce working with Abia State Board of Internal Revenue (BIR) was reportedly shot dead by a police officer attached to a fast-food company – Crunchies Fried Chicken Limited – when the company’s vehicle got impounded allegedly on the grounds of revenue offence whereupon the company’s sales person in protest of the impoundment invited the armed police officer with the company. The police officer sporadically shooting scored one when bullet from his weapon hit the revenue agent that led to his untimely death. In Banana junction, within Orlu in Imo state, a certain nameless police officer (of the rank of an inspector) equally killed a motorcyclist (okada rider) allegedly for not wearing a nose mask.

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“The intimidation and killings of unarmed and innocent citizens on the daily by security personnel whose duty is, above all, to protect lives and property of citizens and residents liken to the proverbial dog that eats the bone hung on its neck.


“COSEYL has these and equally other records of harassment, intimidation and even exploitation of motorists and innocent citizens all over the region during and after the lockdown. This is unacceptable given that the same guns bought with taxpayers money are now used against the same taxpayers (being here taxpayers of South-East) rather than being used against bandits, terrorists, armed herdsmen and other criminal elements.


COSEYL regrets to state that these killings which are now becoming an enterprise among our security agents – more especially the police – seem to be repeating itself because at no point have these suspected killers been brought to book or made to face justice.

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The group also demands the closure of Crunchies Fried Chicken Limited.


“We demand a total shut-down of Crunchies Fried Chicken Limited, located at No 6 factory road, Aba until the killing of Mr. Ifeanyi Kalu by a police officer attached to the company is resolved. We will drag the company and the police officer involved to court. Enough of these nonsense.


“COSEYL wishes to urge the five state governments of the region to look into these deaths and see ways to ameliorate same else the region may slide into anarchy. As unprofessional as the security agents deployed to the peaceful region have conducted themselves, COSEYL believes that the inherent porosity in the system has fattened this impunity and lawlessness. The five commissioners of police of the region, the Assistant Inspector General (AIG), the Inspector General of Police, IGP Mohammed Adamu must call their men and officers to order as the war is against the virus and not against Nigerians of South-East region.”

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