COSMBYLA condemns the assassination of Mr. Sixtus Terfa Akure

The Coalition of Southern and Middle Belt Youth Leaders Assembly, COSMBYLA, the umbrella body of all the youth groups in the South East, South South, South West and Middle Belt region condemns in strongest terms the assassination of Mr. Sixtus Terfa Akure, a senior inspector of taxes working with the Benue State Internal Revenue Service (BIRS) by the Nigerian Army in Benue State. This is barbaric, wicked and we condemn it in its entirety.


Mr. Sixtus Terfa Akure was said to have been whisked away on the night of January 15th by military personnel; his mangled body was found by the road side in the early hours of Sunday, 16th January around Aper Aku Estate, Makurdi.


The assassination of Benue indigenes by the military which has become a regular occurrence in recent times which seems as a calculated attempt to distract the Governor Samuel Ortom who is endeared to his people via his unprecedented and uncommon performance from delivering more democracy dividends to the good people of Benue state.

According to a Facebook statement made by Ukan P Kurugh;

“I contacted a close relative of Mr. Sixtus Terfa Akure, who confirmed the horrible incident.

I was told he left the house for work in the morning hours of yesterday, as a diligently Senior Tax Officer, and didn’t return home alive.

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It was revealed that some men of the Nigeria Army came in their truck at the North Bank Task point, to intimidate the BIRS officers on duty. His junior Colleagues all fled, but as a senior officer, he stood his ground to know what actually the problem is.


The Army officers decended on him. He was beaten blue & black before been forced into their vehicle, and taken to an unknown location.


Only for his dead body to be seen this morning, by the road side.

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It is very unfortunate that the issue of tax collection has been a bitter battle, between the staff of BIRS, who are saddled with the responsibility of collecting tax, and the Men of Nigeria Police & Army, who are in the business of extorting motorist, in the name of Tax collection.


This has not always gone down well with these uniform men as the constituted authority will always insist on doing the right thing.


Mr. Sixtus Terfa Akure is a family man and has many depending on him.


The Nigerian Army should tell the public what offence he committed, that resulted to his brutal murder?
There are witnesses that saw when he was been beaten and taken away in the military Hilux.


The government must act now! or else, this also will die a natural death like the rest of the BIRS staff that have been manhandled before by the security agents in the course of their duties.

We do not operate a Banana Republic in Benue State. I and the general public are very eager for answers.
And if we don’t get answers, we shall begin a protest that will see that major high ways are shut down until our demand is met.


The BIRS staff are our brothers, fathers, Uncle and close relatives, and they have the right of full protection under the law, and from the government.


Terfa was murdered today. Yesterday it was someone else. Tomorrow, Who will be the next victim? My country men and Women, the time to join forces, and stop this evil is now !!!”

COSMBYLA condemns the assassination of Mr. Sixtus Terfa Akure
COSMBYLA condemns the assassination of Mr. Sixtus Terfa Akure

Also confirming the murder is Chief (Mrs.) Mimi Adzape-Orubibi, the Executive Chairman of BIRS, who said she got a report that, “late Sixtus was whisked away last night by military personnel in what has become a regular occurrence, and his mangled body was found by the road side, early hours of today around Aper Aku Estate.


“I am understandably deeply pained by his death. And the circumstances under which he died.


“As a service we condemn this in the strongest terms possible. We offer our deepest condolences to the immediate family of this young man who paid the supreme price in service to the State….”


Benue state has over 1.7 million people in IDP camps and the renewed assassination and attacks by the military, according to COSMBYLA, “is to instill fear and panic which will lead to increase in the number of IDPs in the States. But their mission is dead on arrival.”


In a statement received by GBETU, signed by Hon. Goodluck Ibem, President General, Coalition of South East Youth Leaders (COSEYL) and Leader of COSMBYLA; Terrence Kuanum, Coordinator, Forum of Middle Belt Youth Presidents; Shittu Waheed, Coordinator, South West Youth Leaders Forum (SWYLF) and Tito Zokumor, President,
South South Youth Forum (SSYF), the group say the entire scenario looks like a plot.

The statement reads;

“We are aware that the Sparks of assassination by the military is a calculated attempt to make the State ungovernable for the performing and dynamic governor of Benue State Dr. Samuel Ortom.


“The entire scenario looks like a plot to complete the extermination of Benue indigenes starting from Benue professionals,, a mission the fulani herdsmen delayed in completing.


“The assassination of Sixtus Terfa is a clear confirmation that the military has arrogated to itself the power to decide who lives and who dies in a supposed democratic setting. The last time we checked in the Nigerian constitution, there is no were it is written that the military has the powers to assassinate armless innocent citizens.


“We call on the international community to come to the aid of Benue State and other Nigerians who are on the verge of being exterminated by the Nigerian army that is are supposed to protect them.


“We demand that no stone should be left unturned in getting to the root of this assassinations . The perpetrators must be brought to justice no matter how highly placed.”

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