Cost Of Nomination Form For Primaries: Texas In USA Vs Nigeria

Below is the list of what most states in USA charge for a candidate that wants to partake in primaries.

Governor: $5,000.
U.S. Senate: $5,000.
U.S. House: $2,500.
State Senate: $1,000.
State House: $500.
Judicial offices: $500.
Countywide elected offices: $100.
County Commission or Constable: $25.


Let’s compare one state in USA and a country called Nigeria.

GDP of Texas 2021: 2.0 Trillion dollars
Budget of Texas 2021: 261.5 billion dollars.
Presidential aspirants in Texas pay a $5,000 filing fee.


GDP of Nigeria 2021: 446.9 billion dollars
Budget of Nigeria 2021: 23.3 billion US dollars (13.6 trillion naira)
APC presidential form: 170,940 US dollars (100 million naira)


Compare that to a poor country called Nigeria. APC decided to set the price of governorship at $85,470 (50 million naira). That is 16 times more than what is paid in USA. While that of president set at 170,940 US dollars (100 million naira) is 34 times more than what is paid in USA.

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