Courtney Clenney (Tailor) arrested for killing Nigerian boyfriend

AN Instagram model and influencer, Courtney Clenney alias Tailor, has been arrested by the Hawaii Police Department for stabbing Nigerian boyfriend, Christian Tobechukwu Obumseli, to death.


According to NBC News, a Wednesday release by the Hawaii Police Department stated that a warrant was issued for the arrest of 26-year-old Clenney on allegations of second-degree murder with a deadly weapon.


Clenney’s attorney, Frank Prieto, revealed that she was at a rehab facility in Hawaii for substance abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder when she was picked up by police.

Courtney Clenney (Tailor) arrested for killing Nigerian boyfriend

Prieto also stated that Clenney arrest was shocking because of “the clear evidence of self-defense in this matter.”


“It is an absolute injustice to charge a victim of domestic violence and human trafficking with a crime.” Prieto said that his client “always offered to self-surrender if charges were filed” in the case and that he was “disappointed” an arrest warrant was issued for Clenney. “We will vigorously defend Courtney and clear her of this unfounded and baseless charge,” he said.


Larry Handfield is the lawyer for Obumseli’s family.


In April, policemen responded to calls at the couple’s Miami apartment where Tobechukwu Obumseli was found bleeding.


Miami Fire Rescue personnel took him to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center where a doctor pronounced him dead.


The family of Obumseli had been calling for justice after Courtney was not charged under the Baker Act, over considerations for her mental health.


In Florida, officers can commit a person to a mental health treatment centre for up to 72 hours by using the state’s Baker Act.


Although Clenney’s family and counsel maintains she acted out of self-defense, a Rolling Stone investigation published in May revealed the self-described fitness model and her boyfriend had a troubled relationship marred by Clenney’s ongoing addiction issues and physical abuse of Obumseli.


Friends of the couple said Clenney, who posted online under the pseudonym Courtney Tailor, was an aggressive partner with a long history of domestic violence, regularly leaning into the “toxic girlfriend” persona to explain away her behavior. “I can summarize it as her always having these manic episodes, dragging him into it, and him trying to be like, ‘calm down, calm down,’” a friend who knew the couple when the resided in Austin told Rolling Stone shortly after Obumseli’s death.

Courtney Clenney (Tailor) arrested for killing Nigerian boyfriend

At the time, Prieto told Rolling Stone that the couple “had a tumultuous relationship” and claimed Obumseli “was a gaslighter” who was “mentally and physically abusive” toward Clenney.


Handfield, the Obumseli family lawyer, denied all claims of physical violence and shared that police had been called to the couple’s apartment numerous times due to Clenney’s behavior. “If there was any evidence to support that he was abusive towards her, he would have been hauled off to jail so fast it’ll make your head spin,” he said.


Social Life

Courtney Clenney posted glamour shots on Instagram, OnlyFans & other platforms, where she describes herself as a ‘Proud Texan’.


On Instagram, Clenney went by the name “Courtney Tailor.” She has a website that rounds up her social media pages, including what she calls “exclusive content.”


That links to her OnlyFans account, also in the name Courtney Tailor. Her OnlyFans profile says, “Proud Texan! Full-time fitness model and foodie living with my 2 dogs, Jesse and Ranger. I just moved to Miami so I need your positive vibes! Scary BIG change for this lil texas girl 💕”


An OnlyFans post on April 2, 2022, read, “talk dirty to me 💕” On April 1, she wrote, “I’m not always this nasty… wait, yes I am lol.”


Clenney once told a Podcaster that she only dates ‘Rich Black Guys’. A lot of her posts are sexualized in nature and show her in bikinis and various poses on beaches, in beds, and so forth.


“Wanna build a sandcastle? ✨” she wrote with one such post. She also has a Twitter page in the name Courtney Tailor.


Two weeks before the stabbing, Clenney appeared on the We In Miami podcast, according to Radar Online. “I only date Black guys. Especially Black guys … Let me clarify, I only date rich Black guys,” she said.

Courtney Clenney (Tailor) arrested for killing Nigerian boyfriend
Courtney Clenney (Tailor) arrested for killing Nigerian boyfriend

Obumseli was remembered as ‘Extremely Compassionate.


His Facebook page said he was the owner of Wisemen & Peachtree LLC; who “studied Communication Studies at Texas Tech University” and went to Plano East Senior High School. He was from Plano, Texas, and wrote that he was single and living in Dallas, Texas.


Clenney is expected to make a first appearance in local district court on Thursday, after which she will eventually be extradited to Florida.

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