COVID-19 Are you to bring the end to the world?

The vaccine for this Pandemic is with us - Muyiwa Adetiba

COVID-19: Are you to bring the end to the world?
Or you just came to prove the mighty of the God?


You raid over night without pronouncing a war,

you got us unprepared
You strike from the South,
East, West to the North;
you intend not to spare Non

El-Blends elblends


You’ve killed thousands
without sword or gun,
you entrapped billions
with fear of loss


The rage in you is high
handshake is your gun,
dry cough is your bomb
and hard breathing serves
as nuclear weapon


You take not only souls,
but making the economy
and society useless for all


Your rate of attack is voluminous, you’ve prove the mighty of God;

please spare the world, the little you’ve shown is  enough.




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