COVID-19: How it feels to have Coronavirus; Victim shares Experience.

COVID-19: How it feels to have Coronavirus; Victim shares Experience.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): A 22year-old lady who is infected with Coronavirus and isolating at home as adviced by her doctor has shared experience.


Read it all below (World Exclusive) how Bjonda Haliti got and solved the Coronavirus issue.


She has decided to teach people on how best to handle Coronavirus in their home.

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I’m 22 years old and I tested positive for COVID-19.

I’ve been debating on posting, but I want to share my experience especially with those around my age to help bring awareness, and to relieve any stress/anxiety some may have due to the pandemic.

Day 1: It started with a mild DRY cough and a slightly sore throat. I was very tired that night.


Day 2: I felt a lot of pressure in my head to the point I would have to cough softly to avoid the discomfort. That night, I experienced the chills and had a fever. One main symptom that stood out to me, my eyes physically hurt. They were tender and sore.

Moving them was uncomfortable. Doing some research I discovered this was just a migraine, but it didn’t go away at ALL. I slept all day.


Day 3: Energy levels VERY low, I only slept, and still ran fevers. At this point, my symptoms were: dry cough, migraine, fever, chills, some nausea. I decided to go to the doctors where I tested negative for the flu and strep.

The doctor told me I probably just had an infection and prescribed me antibiotics and 800mg of ibuprofen. I made sure to stay extremely hydrated and stocked up on vitamins and probiotics. That night, I still ran a fever.

Day 4: Finally no more fever, but a new symptom showed up: shortness of breath. It was uncomfortable, it felt like I had bricks on my chest. I tried the self diagnose test I read online (hold your breath and count to 10) which I successfully did with no complications.

At this point I wanted to test for corona like I should have been in the first place, but It was very difficult to get tested for it!!! I continued to self-quarantine and hydrate hydrate HYDRATE!


Day 5: Symptoms: sore throat, cough, shortness of breath. I went to the same doctor and I was very adamant about getting tested. Doctor said my vitals were “unremarkable” but I wasn’t going to take no for an answer! I also requested chest X-rays, everything came out normal.

I was advised to continue self quarantine, and I would receive my results in 5-6 DAYS!!!!!

Day 6 – With the continued use of antibiotics and ibuprofen, my symptoms were: sore throat, cough, shortness of breath. My energy levels began to increase.


Day 7 – Symptoms: slight sore throat, mild cough, shortness of breath. Energy levels increasing.


Day 8 – Symptoms: Mild cough, starting to feel like myself again. Energy!


Day 9 – Symptoms: My cough was a little heavier, normal energy levels.

Day 10 – Symptoms: Mild cough, mucus, normal energy levels. My lab results came in: POSITIVE.


She continued after, “I am continuing to self-isolate and take care of myself. Today I am feeling great and healthy! I will need to retest in order to be cleared. That’s if I can find a doctor whose willing to retest me. Haven’t had any luck so far.”


“My DM’s will be open to those who have questions, I hope this was helpful. I wanted to let ppl know that if I got through it, so can you!!! Don’t panic if you are feeling symptoms. Take initiative and follow CDC guidelines. We’re going to get through this!”


“Hey guys, thank you so much for your love and support! I am trying to respond to every message and will dedicate the rest of my self isolation to getting back to everyone. Thank you for your patience.”

“I just want to let everyone know that I have been self isolating at HOME as recommended by my doctor. Here’s a picture of the liquids I’ve been taking to stay hydrated! I can’t stress enough how important it is to HYDRATE! Water is most important!”

COVID-19: How it feels to have Coronavirus; Victim shares Experience.

“It’s been brought to my attention ibuprofen could worsen symptoms. As stated, I was prescribed these for a bacterial infection BEFORE I was tested for COVID-19. I was taking ibuprofen until day 4 where I no longer felt it was necessary.”


“Everyone is asking how I contracted COVID-19. I don’t know. But I did go out on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and my cough started on Sunday. I believe I was exposed to it at the bar/club one of those days. That’s my guess.”

“Hence the importance of social distancing! This was at the begininning of the month.”


“YES I informed everyone I had been in contact with. It was the first thing I did!”


“For those asking me what it’s like: I have dealt with colds in the past that were worse than this. I rated my pain moderate (4/10) when I went to the doctor. The first 3 days were most difficult.”


“To answer my most frequently asked questions: I do not vape or smoke. I do not have any underlying health conditions. No asthma. I have my tonsils removed. I was not prescribed any medication after testing positive for COVID19.”

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Meanwhile when asked about antibiotics her doctor prescribed, She responds, “Amoxicillin”.


COVID-19: How it feels to have Coronavirus; Victim shares Experience.COVID-19: How it feels to have Coronavirus; Victim shares Experience.

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Stay Safe!

Coronavirus (COVID-19)!

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