Crisis rocks Ibeju-Lekki TODAL over Misappropriation of Fund

There are strong indications that all is still not well with the Executive Council of Ibeju-Lekki, Tricycle Owners and Drivers Association of Lagos (TODAL) after the crisis engulfed the association last year, following the way and manner the Chairman, Mr. Ismaila Adeleke is directing the affairs of the association like a Lord who could not be ask or suggest about the affairs of the union.


He is full of himself, running the association like his personal property, claiming he is the facilitator of the branch to the area and for such, nobody could ask questions.

Crisis rocks Ibeju-Lekki TODAL over Misappropriation of Fund
Crisis rocks Ibeju-Lekki TODAL over Misappropriation of Fund

Mr. Ismaila Adeleke allegedly respects nobody not even the so call BOARD of TRUSTEES in the Branch as they have no say; ignoring most of their advice and suggestion, feeding them with lies and fake moves. He most time blackmail the State and branch Excos to do his biddings.

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It’s a surprise that even after the previous misappropriation of over N2Million and marginalization of the members during the 2020 which lead to his suspension and total removal from office – thanks to the then Executive Chairman Ibeju-Lekki Council Development Authority, Barr. Olaitan Ogidan, who intervened and came to his rescue from the shameful act, yet the man called “SAVE” by his associate refused to turn a new leave, instead continue to drag the name of the union into the mud.

Information available to us has it that Adeleke continue to misappropriate the union finances, using his close Ally which is the Secretary of the branch, Mr. Rahman Sansaliu, to continue siphoning the money meant for other Excos, daring both the State and branch Excos to do their worse, with no money or account to show for it.


He was also alleged of what they described as unacceptable style of leadership, creating office of Special Adviser and Personal Assistant to the Chairman which according to them, is contrary to the laid down rules and regulations of the union.

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Crisis rocks Ibeju-Lekki TODAL over Misappropriation of Fund

The Chairman, who is accused of greed of the highest order, high-handedness, marginalization of members, misappropriation of fund amongst others, was further accused of frolicking with some cult group which he use as an instrument to threatening anybody who disagree with him in the association.


Our findings shows his ulterior motive was to hoodwink the union and continue to siphon money to build his political ambition and personal business, including bribing his inclusion into the present local government structure to be named as among one of the supervisory councilor, bribing their leaders, lead by Dr. Tola Kasali and the present Executive Chairman Mr. Rasak Kasali.


He was also alleged that his political godfather, Hon. Titilayo Ismail (His father) is aware of this mischievous of the so called Chairman but refused to call him to order.

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It was further observed that his concocted plans is to pocket all stakeholders through his juju believe and bribery tendency.

It was in the light of this unhealthy situation, the concerns body call on the leadership of the union and political leaders, lead by Com. Abdulsalam Nurudeen, State Chairman TODAL and Dr. Tola Kasali, Ibeju-Lekki APC leader to do thorough investigation in finding a lasting solution and caution the Chairman before things get out of hand and to avoid labelling the union as a bad group.

Crisis rocks Ibeju-Lekki TODAL over Misappropriation of Fund
Crisis rocks Ibeju-Lekki TODAL over Misappropriation of Fund

Our source claimed that some of the State Excos were aware of all this non-challant and nefarious attitudes but could not make any amend, as he believes some of them take kickbacks from him and can’t take any decision against him.


While calling on some of the state excos to speak on the issues especially on the allegation of misappropriation of fund, they all refused to pick their calls as at filling this report.

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