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Da Bizzy ft. E2 – Respect a Woman mp3.

Da Bizzy ft. E2 - Respect a Woman

Da Bizzy also known as Onyemmeri a Nigerian based in South Africa and also a gospel artist releases a new single titled “Respect a Woman” featuring a South african musician and actress E2 popularly known also as Mampho from Rhythm City.

In Da Bizzy Own words “The World Health Organization has stated that about 60,000 women and children are victims of domestic violence in South Africa and this breaks my heart each time I think of what some women are going through in the hands of my fellow men world wide and because of this I decided to come up with a Single titled #Respectawoman.”

Listen to this heart touching music from Da Bizzy titled “Respect a Woman” & let us love, protect and cherish our women.



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