Dad Cuts Off His Daughters Who Won’t Accept His New Wife

Dad Cuts Off His Daughters Who Won't Accept His New Wife

A father is blasting his daughter in a now-deleted Reddit post after they made the decision to skip his wedding.

The 56-year-old man has two daughters aged 30 and 32.


In the post, he explains the story of how he and his now wife Clare “decided to get married after 8 months together in 2022.”

He married a woman just a few years older than his daughters so they do not approve.
In addition, the women had not even met the woman who was about to marry their father because of the age gap


“I texted them that I was getting married 6 weeks before the date (they said they should’ve been the first to know)” he writes.

“I thought not showing up was super disrespectful and I distanced myself from them.”


To add insult to injury, the father is now annoyed about his daughter’s upcoming wedding, writing that his daughter’s partner “never asked for my blessing or anything like that.”

“I was told that my wife is not invited at the wedding so that we don’t upset my ex-wife,” he says, referring to his kids’ mom.


Now he is considering not paying for their weddings— something he has always promised he would do when the time came.

“Both my daughters have been annoyed at me for marrying Clare, for not spending enough time with them at Christmas (they are in their thirties they are not children!) and for not seeing them on weekends but still they expect me to pay for their wedding? I am not planning on giving them anything,” he explains.


He claims that Clare is on his side about everything, but family members are telling him he still needs to pay for his daughter’s wedding.

Comments on the thread agree that his daughters are rightfully upset.

Dad Cuts Off His Daughters Who Won't Accept His New Wife

One user wrote, “I know ‘you do you’, but you are marrying a woman the same age as both your daughters, you expect that to just be ‘cool’ with them? You’ve given them no time to adjust”


Another commenter asks “You texted them you were getting married? You couldn’t do it in person?”

The man who penned the post responded to this by saying “I was busy planning the wedding and one of them lives out of state, plus I knew they’d be annoyed and need time to cool off.”


It’s easy to understand that he would feel hesitant in reaching out to his daughters to tell them he was getting married after they made their disapproval clear, but texting 6 weeks ahead of time was not the way to go about it.


Other commenters question why he would expect his daughter’s fiance to ask for her hand in marriage.

“Welcome to the 21st century my dude. You distanced yourself from them. Why would the fiance feel the need to get the blessing of a dad actively distancing himself from [the fiance’s] future wife?”

“You want your daughter’s fiancé to ask for her hand in marriage? Is she your property? I’d be pretty upset with you if you were my father too,” says another user.


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