David Ewofobe – CEO of Club BARSO

David Ewofobe, (Golden Nsogbu) a Lagos socialite, CEO Nsogbu Records, and owner of Barso bar, club and restaurant.


Club Barso is one of the most popular bars/clubs in Delta, Nigeria. Few people also know that it has a restaurant too. While many assume Barso is in Warri, it is more accurate to place its location in Warri Axis.


It was opened on December 11 2022.

David Ewofobe - CEO of Club BARSO
David Ewofobe – CEO of Club BARSO

While speaking on the quality of Club Barso, David Ewofobe said “the initiative came as a result of an urge to provide a befitting and classy place where fun loving Nigerians can relax and have fun.” 


He added that Barso is a world class facility that can be compared to other leading nightclubs in the world.


Considered to be one of the most expensive clubs in Nigeria, Barso’s price list is for the elites and people who are not bothered by the price of exotic wines and foods. It is the ideal destination if you want to see your favorite celebrities serenading an opulent audience or just chilling against a backdrop of music and fun.

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