Dead man from Port Harcourt gave me gold to sell

Dead man from Port Harcourt gave me gold to sell


I saw a friend who I never knew was Dead weeks back .


On 17th February 2020, I met someone who I knew in Vietnam (although we are not too close friends but we are friends), he held me from behind and shouted oga Buchi,  then I turned and shouted “Willy” what are you doing here were are you coming from, he said he was coming from Portharcourt that he is going to Awka. This is happening in Upper Iweka Onitsha in front of Ifeanyichukwu Motors.

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He brought out gold from his pocket, and told me to buy or help him to sell it. he told me he saved money with it to complete his mother’s house before raining season and they have other expenses in the village to do soon, he told me he bought it 4000 Dollars. I told him that am heading to main market, let’s go together but he insisted I should collect the gold that he trust me. So my friend who was with me said I should collect it.


I told him to collect my number so that he will call me by then I will tell him how much they are pricing it. He said he will get his phone if he gets to Awka . That he does not know his number off-head.


I went to a nearby shop and got a pen and wrote my number for him. He left in a hurry.


Later in the day he did not call me, (even till now).


I was so worried , my friends told me may be he stole it or someone wants to set me up with it, I was so scared I contacted another friend who is in Vietnam and I knew that he was a little bit closer to him, we chatted then he told me that Willy died on 11th January (our chat is below). I can not believe it, he helped me to get his people’s phone number. until on 18th of January before I spoke with his mom (although she was only shouting saying… Uchechi who did you leave me for).



I was able to speak with his aunty who is a Reverend Sister. She told me my Son God will bless you. What is the Value of what he gave me. I said 1.440.000 Naira.


She cried as she said again My son you will never lack. She started telling me that Uchechi (As they called him) is the only son, he came back on November, he was to get married on 15th January. They killed him because he came back with Lexus Jeep . His mother is a primary school teacher whom managed to build the house to lintel level, and train her 2 daughters.



She told me that his car tumbled over 5 times (as they were told) and he died at the spot on his way from their Village to Portharcourt.



She told me that he had communicated through a dream to tell his mother’s cousin to tell his mom that they should not bury him in their father’s family house that, There is where they planned for his death. He also mentioned one of his uncles and said he is the person that killed him through an accident.



But his poor mom do not have money to roof and do some finishing touches in that building. It kept giving them sleepless nights untill I called them to tell them about this. Which they did not believe till yesterday 20/2/20 I met with 5 Members of his mother’s family, I tried to look for buyers who will appreciate in value more in monetary terms.

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On 19th February Someone connected me to one Mrs Uju Turkey.


She would be traveling to Turkey for business soon she bought the gold at the cost of 1.450.000, we went to bank in Head Bridge yesterday afternoon and she send the money to his mother’s account not any other person’s account as directed base on what Willy said to me at Upper Iweka. Though they showed me some of his pictures both the ones he took during his secondary school and his OND days. I was fully convinced that she is his mother.

They told me he will be buried in March been next month.


This isn’t the first time I will be hearing about dead man helping people, but this is the first time I will be having such with a dead man


My people this world is full of Mystery.


Uwa di imirimious.

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