Dear Pervert Generation, Parents, Sugar Daddies and Sugar babies

Dear Pervert Generation, Parents, Sugar Daddies and Sugar babies




As I read the highlight of almost every Newspaper and TV stations online news centering on the feud and eventual murder between a 21-year old Chidinma Ojukwu, an undergraduate of UNILAG and her late lover, Usifo Ataga, CEO of Super TV, my heart sank and cried, my mouth went in wide agape as it was too heavy to utter any word. Oh my God, we have lost it! This generation has lost it! There is no beating about the bush on this.



This article is targeted at three categories of people. At this point, I must confess that this is one article I’m not happy or proud of. Even as I write, emotions are stirred, but I will try as much as possible to coordinate them in the best way I can.




What exactly are your problems? Come, let’s reason and rub thoughts together. What is this thing about infidelity that you love so much? What part of being unfaithful to your wife turns you on?

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Have you not read Proverbs 31 vs 3 that says, “Don’t spend all your energy on sex and all your money on women; they have destroyed kings.”? OR Proverbs 7 vs 25-26 that says, “Don’t even think about that kind of woman or let yourself be misled by someone like her. For she has brought many down to death; her victims are great and mighty men”?



If that sidechic gives you so much happiness and makes you feel complete like a man, why didn’t you marry her? Why torment that woman you kept in your house? Why marry a woman you don’t love? Because of a truth, you would not cheat on a woman you truly love.




Where along the path did you miss it? What has changed in the way we bring up children today from the last 20-30 years ago? This was not how it used to be, remember? What happened to the discipline we used to receive then at home in terms of correction, moral guidance, chastisement, spiritual mentoring, academic centeredness and the likes? What happened to the charity that begins at home?



Are you still a role model to these younger generations? Are you still a model to your children in words, in deeds and in truth? What exactly went wrong? How do we fix this mess we have found ourselves in?



Fathers, how do you explain to us about your 21-year old daughter who smokes, drinks and sleep around with men of your age? Remember this was not how it used to be? Could this have been because she sees you doing this too? Could this be because you sleep around with girls of her age too?



Now parents, your 21- year old daughter will be arraigned before a court of law and be charged for murder. Eventually, she will end her whole life in jail. Was this the plan you had for her from the onset?




Please lend me your ears. Harken to my voice. What is this rush about being a “big girl” that makes you do crazy things? What’s this madness about “belonging to the clique” that makes you want to do everything within and beyond your powers to get that luxury?


Dear Pervert Generation, Parents, Sugar Daddies and Sugar babies
Dear Pervert Generation, Parents, Sugar Daddies and Sugar babies

Have you forgotten that, “I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a future and a hope” (Jer. 29: 11), and that you are beautifully and fearfully made? (Psalms 139: 14)



You are created to make your mark and be a force to be reckoned with in this world not to hide under the shadows of a man who would only use you to satisfy his short-term sexual desires and dump you in the long run. You are too intelligent to be used for this crafty, wake up!.


By nature and default, you are made to multiply whatever that has been deposited in you and be a blessing to anything that comes your way. This is to tell you that you are not ordinary and that you are made for something bigger and better than this. Never settle for less.



Do not waste your destiny! Everything will come to you at an appointed time. Please wait for it and don’t move with the tide and time, else, you would be lost in the oceans of life. It doesn’t matter how things look now, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. I pray you receive grace to wait for your time.


May God help us to know this truth and abide by it.



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  1. Did you prove that this man on his own went there to sleep with this riff-raff? Do you Know the story they told him? Could this tramp bind, torture and finally kill this vibrant man on her own?

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