Deeper Life National Overseer slumps, dies while preaching

Deeper Life National Overseer slumps, dies while preaching

DEEPER Life Bible Church National Overseer to Swaziland (Eswatini), Pastor Samuel Udo-Mbang reportedly slumped and died while preaching on the pulpit on Sunday during church service.


His death has set the church lamenting that another God’s General has died, as members of the church are reacting to the report of his demise.


According to Deeper Life Global Crusade Nationwide, “Good night Pastor Samuel Udo-Mbang, National Overseer of Deeper Life Bible Church Swaziland.


“He slumped on Sunday while preaching. God can take His servants or any believer any time, and anywhere He chooses. It is a case of earth’s loss and heaven’s gain.


“May the Good Lord comfort the family and the Church in Swaziland. Brethren, we need to take good note and prepare, God’s Generals are trooping home. We don’t know who is next.”

Deeper Life National Overseer slumps, dies while preaching

A member of the church, Chukwudi Emmanuel wrote, “May the Almighty God console his immediate family and the entire church in Jesus mighty name, amen.”


Another member, Olajide Abraham added: “My feelings are with his family, well wishers and the church of God.


His call to glory is a win and not a loss for us. I pray the Lord will Comfort everyone.”


Getty Ewa said: “So sad, while he was in Nigeria, he was my Pastor under Oron Region, by then l was just a student midwife at Ouita General hospital Oron. Please our pastor should be giving consideration in their consistent medical check ups and distance for the service of God. Rest on Dad..”


Nwanneka Orjiekwe lamented: “Chai! May God comfort his family and the entire missionary church for “blessed are the dead who died in Christ Jesus.” Welcome home God’s general.”


Precious Caleb said; ”Pastor Samuel Udo-mbang.
Picked me up and gave me direction and footings in my career. Steadily he influence and followed Christan life. The National Director of Deeper Life Bible Church in Swaziland.
Dear Lord, I have always desired to show him tangibly how much I appreciate every effort he made in my life, career and ministry.
Dear Lord, pls…,…this is that man that never bothered to know my tribe or my low status or my denomination.
He sent for me, took me, gave me career, trained me and decided to build me to a person that God smiles over.
Dear Lord,…am trying to ask,… . Please, remember PST Samuel Udo-mbang for good. Amen”

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