Dele Adeleke: Why I Want To Become Osun Governor

A governorship aspirant under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun State, Dele Adeleke, has spoken on his aspiration to become the governor of the state.


Dele Adeleke, who hails from the West Senatorial District of Osun State, is vying for the PDP governorship ticket including his uncle, Senator Ademola Adeleke, and a few others.


Speaking in an interview with AMILOADED TV on Saturday, Dele Adeleke said his passion for service was the reason he decided to contest for the governorship position.

Dele Adeleke: Why I Want To Become Osun Governor
Dele Adeleke: Why I Want To Become Osun Governor

“I have always had a passion for service. I have always looked for opportunity to add value. This is a call to higher service,” he said.


On what the government has been doing wrongly in Osun State, Dele said, “The APC has been a disaster to the people of Osun State, we’ve been faced with misplaced priorities.

“Osun State is a state with meagre resources and these resources are being channeled towards project that are over bloated. For me, the real problem misplacement of priorities and misplaced priority comes when you have leadership that is not passionate about the people.

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“The investment in education needs to be properly channeled. Investment in education would be made in a way that prioritizes welfare of teachers, availability of teaching materials and then we would invest in continuous training of teachers. We would attach tech hubs to our tertiary institutions. On health, we are going to ensure to ensure that quality assurance of Ministry of Health is empowered.”


On raising the IGR of the state, the governorship aspirant said, “IGR increase Dora’s not mean that you would make life miserable for the common man. Our spending would stimulate local enterprises, we would invest in local enterprising. When people are productive, they are happier to pay their taxes. If government were to be more responsible. We would in tease IGR by widening the tax net.”


When asked about heading a political post in the past, Dele Adeleke said, “when people talk about experience, I begin to wonder if they are not misplacing priority. Governance is about management of human and resources. Are you saying someone who has been running for 20 years is more experienced than someone who has been instrumental in transformation of enterprises, turning things that are going wrong right.

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“We need to dedicate our people that what’s important is not experience. I have been involved in electioneering process, the fact that I’ve stayed in n the background does not mean I have not been active.”


Speaking on his relationship with another aspirant under the same party, Senator Ademola Adeleke, he said, “The Adelekes are blessed to have two prominent children being ambraced by the people of Osun.


“When you say, ‘rocking the boat of the family’, does my name change from Adeleke when I become governor?I being glory and honour to the family with the kind of service and greatness that I bring to the state. I am not contesting against Demola, there are other contestants. We are offering the people of Osun a wider basket to choose from.”

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