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Deportation from Germany: Sierra Leone Govt. summons Ministers

Deportation from Germany: Sierra Leone Govt. summons Ministers
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The Sierra Leone Parliament is set to summon Prof. David Francis, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation; and David Panda Noah, Minister of Internal Affairs to explain to Members of Parliament issues surrounding the pending deportation of Sierra Leoneans from Germany.


Immigration Department is also part of the team to be summoned.


Parliament is calling upon those officials after some Sierra Leoneans living in Germany staged a protest against the decision of the German Government to deport dozens of Sierra Leonean migrants living in Germany. The German Government believes that the migrants set to be deported entered the country illegally.


Recall GBETU had reported in October 2020 that Sierra Leonean migrants in Germany staged a peaceful protest against the deportation of over 1000 asylum seekers who travelled through the Sahara desert and the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe to find greener pastures.

The protesters were seen on the streets holding placards asking the German authorities to stop the deportation process because many of them went out there to find greener pastures and make a better change in their lives.

Deportation from Germany: Sierra Leone Govt. summons Ministers

Hon. Mohamen Bangura representing Constituency 066, Karene District, moved the motion to call upon those officials for thorough explanation on the issue. While moving the motion, Hon. Bangura said they as MPs have been asked a lot of questions with regards the issue in Germany, but that they have not been able to provide answers. He therefore moved a motion to invite the officials to come before the house and offer an explanation regarding the matter.


The Foreign Affairs Minister and the Internal Affairs Minister are now among the ministers to be summoned by the Legislative House after the Trade and Industry Minister who has been under increasing pressure by the Legislative House over the acute price escalation of essential goods and services in the country.

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