Detachable Cabin: A Noble Breakthrough In Aviation Industry!

Detachable Cabin: A Noble Breakthrough In Aviation Industry!

A Ukrainian Engineer has developed a “Detachable Cabin” concept to save lives during plane crash.


The cabin carrying passengers detaches from cockpit after a pilot presses a button supported by boosters once he notice an emergency.


The boosters goes down with passengers while iron steel parachutes hangs it and drops the cabin safely on water or ground without any single passenger being hurt.

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Point clearly is, in the event of a crash, the plane’s cabin would detach from the rest of the plane and safely land on the ground or water using parachutes, boosters and rubber tubes which would automatically inflate on water. The design also includes a storage space that holds passengers’ luggage underneath the cabin to ensure no luggage is lost in the event the plane needs to detach.

Detachable Cabin: A Noble Breakthrough In Aviation Industry!
Detachable Cabin: A Noble Breakthrough In Aviation Industry!

This magnificent idea was created by Ukrainian engineer Vladimir Tatarenko in 2016, an idea he believed could save lives during a crash landing.

“Surviving a plane crash is possible,” said Tatarenko. “While aircraft engineers all over the world are trying to make planes safer, they can do nothing about the human factor.”

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According to Tatarenko, a critical component to making the design work is the use of composites.

“The existing technology of using Kevlar and carbon composites for [the plane’s] fuselage, wings, flaps, spoilers, ailerons, tail will be used during the design,” said Tatarenko. “It allows to partly compensate the weight of parachute system.”

Detachable Cabin: A Noble Breakthrough In Aviation Industry!

Last year, Tatarenko received patents for a similar invention with an escape capsule system that would rescue passengers on board. The capsule, just like the new one, would be released through a rear hatch at the tail end of the plane within seconds of an emergency situation.

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However, the idea has plenty of critics. Some argue that the idea is not cost effective given how expensive the implementation of the technology would be to prevent a situation that is not common. Is it worth investing a lot of money in detachable technology if there were (according to Daily Mail) only 111 plane crashes in 2014? Others argue that the design itself still needs work, as it does not include a contingency plan for the pilots themselves.

Moreso, for starters, the cost of building and testing this new aircraft would be, undoubtedly, extravagant.
Airlines already spend between $100 million and $350 million per aircraft as is — and that’s without the yearly maintenance costs.

Detachable Cabin: A Noble Breakthrough In Aviation Industry!

They would have little motivation to replace a trustworthy fleet with an untested concept, especially as plane crash fatalities are exceedingly rare.

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According to airline association IATA, in 2014 (a tragic year for air flight), out of the 3.3 billion passengers that traveled, there were a total 641 fatalities.

This is actually an astoundingly high safety innovation. A Noble Breakthrough In Aviation Industry!


Check the illustration below:

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