Diary Of An Ashawo Man

Diary Of An Ashawo Man

This is my little Ashawo journey as a man. I hope you enjoy it.


My name na Mike, but people dey call me Gentle, I be Okada man. I like woman and dey straight forward. Na 2baba talk am.


Omo I no go lie, as I like woman reach na olosho I like pass, because why, you already know, for inside this Lagos if you no get money to maintain babe, omo nothing for you o. Unless you wan dey share your LOML with plenty yahoo boys. And as you no fit provide for your babe na hookup she go dey do to dey take care of herself. And you know say Dog wey another man dey feed, to bark the owner no dey hard am at all. So to avoid see Finish na eim make me cut my polo according to my size.

Omo I Don do olosho sotey, dem girls Don know me well for the area, so as per normal na Ashawo man dem dey call me any joint wey I enter to go nack.

Before dey name be dey shame me I no go lie but Las Las na True and as I dey enjoy wetin I dey do na so I begin enjoy the name dey go.


I Don dey this game for many years o, I no go lie give you, so I get plenty experience for the matter. As wise man wey I be, I say make I begin share some updates dey give una wey be my people.

No be Today yansh begin dey back, we go still yarn about how I begin nack Ashi but make I quickly Gist una about this babe wey I nack last. The babe set no be small.


As government head full again dem ban Okada for area, I just dey house dey watch movie, I Don wait for my land lady daughter (Fola) to carry food come meet me as usual, but omo e be like say food no sure for her side this morning, na eim I say make I stroll comot go find something chop, I go iya Tosin place go chop beans and bread, as I dey Waka come back e get this Ashi joint wey no too far from there, I say make I branch piss for there backyard as I comot my odogwu dey piss na eim dis fine yellow babe tie towel for chest, carry her bucket dey Wan enter bathroom, omo I still hold my prick for hand dey look this yellow paw paw, the girl notice say I dey look am, come greet me, “good morning bros”, omo I ask her if she dey work here because I no Wan assume say she be olosho because she fit be staff.

Omo she ask me if I Wan fuck, I tell am yes o, na eim she drop her bucket for ground first, tell me come make I go her room go wait for her. I kuku piss finish shake prick follow am dey enter room.


We enter room o, the babe mistakenly drop the towel, omo if you see shape wey this babe carry, my odogwu stand again

The babe say make she go quickly baff say she dey come, I tell her as I go wait for her, say she go do me well when she come….she lock me for room comot go bath.


Omo I thank God say I Don take my tools as I chop food finish because e go bad if I fall my hand on top this kain fine babe, first impression dey always matter with olosho. The babe tey small for bathroom I no go lie, or maybe na anticipation make the waiting long Sha, but as she enter room begin dry body, she come tell me make I no vex say she dey wash the body well make I fit enjoy well, she come ask me why I still never comot cloth, omo me I no Wan loose guard, I tell am say we never talk price and I no fit comot cloth as we never agree.

She tell me say she come new for there

I tell am say I know.

So she say as I know already say I Don already know how much dem dey charge there.

I tell her say na her effort go determine if I go happy give am the normal o,

She say make I no worry as I be her first costumer, she go do me well.


Omo na eim me and this babe start romance, she carry breast give me to suck, see as this breast round and fresh, nipple stand, hard, omo I begin suck the breast like pikin wey dey hungry, I suck this girl nipple sotey this girl wet finish, she begin find my prick like person wey hunger hold, she no fit wait make I comot trouser, she just unzip am carry my prick put for mouth begin suck, omo the thing shock me o, her mouth warm, her tongue na die, this girl Wan use mouth kill me, I dey collect blow job but this one nearly scatter my mind, omo na eim I carry this girl head comot for my prick, as she stand dey look me, the babe dey smile, omo e be like say this girl wicked o, she know exactly wetin she dey do, omo I know say na competition me and am dey like this.


Na so I attack her nipples again, omo the babe begin moan small small. Na eim I know say the thing Don dey enter her body, as two of us dey stand na eim I pin her for wall come carry one of her leg up hold am for there, use the other hand dey rub her toto, the girl Don wet finish, omo I no comot mouth from her nipples o, I just dey change from one nipple to dey other other one, the thing dey burst the girl head, omo the thing Don too sweet the babe, na eim she tell me make I carry her other leg up, I still pin her for wall na eim I carry her second leg, na so I free her nipple small begin kiss her neck, omo na eim this babe begin dance o, as I see say she dey enjoy am, na eim I begin kiss kiss everywhere for her neck, na so this girl begin whine untop my body, she carry her leg wrap my body, my prick Don dey feel her wet toto, as she dey shine dey slide up and down I no say my prick fit enter her toto raw like that, so I slow down small, make the babe fit calm down, but e be like say she notice wetin I dey try do….


Na so dey babe begin kiss me – the kiss sef shock me because I know say ashawo no dey kiss, as the girl dey kiss me, she open eyes dey look me o, and me sef know say she know wetin she dey do, na eim I begin kiss her back, na so she begin whine and slide her body again, as her toto Don wet finish, if she whine small, my cap go enter her small, as I feel her wet and warm toto, she go carry her yansh go up again, na so this girl just dey do me as we dey kiss, I notice say she dey also grip my cap with her toto as e dey enter, e go be like say she dey grab am, I swear I never enjoy toto like this and I never even begin pump.


As the babe notice say I dey enjoy wetin she dey do, na so she begin smile that wicked smile again, come ask me wether I dey enjoy her, I just smile give am, I come begin kiss her neck again, omo her rhythm change, she no dey only allow my cap enter, she begin dey allow more of my prick enter, na eim I begin kiss kiss her neck more and more, na so she begin ride me properly, omo I no go lie, this girl toto sweet die!


Na so I begin pump this girl, she just hold me tight, begin kiss my neck, me sef dey kiss her neck dey pump am, her toto come dey tight more and more, come dey wet more and more, omo na so this girl begin bite me for neck o, no be painful bite but she use teeth hold my neck, omo na so me sef increase my pumping, because I know say, small time, I go pour, so I Wan make she enjoy am before I cum.


Na so I dey pump this babe toto, the thing Don begin sweet me like person wey Wan pour, I being close eyes before as I dey pump her, as I Wan come I open eyes make I tell am, omo this babe dey look me, she Don begin smile that her wicked smile again, as I Wan talk, she begin kiss me again, come tighten her leg wey she wrap around my waist, omo I got the message, na so I begin fire her again. Omo before I know it, I begin shoot cum inside this babe, this kind pour I never see before, if I think say I Don pour finish, she go use her toto grip my prick again, I go shoot more, omo I gats tell her to relax her toto make I no go pour my life inside her.


Na so I carry the babe, go lie down for bed, she still dey ontop me, she no gree comot my prick from her toto, I tell her make I rest small, she ask wether I no fit rest as I dey inside her, I say so far she no move, why not.


Na so from rest, two of us sleep go, come dey wake up for evening, na her friend come wake us up o, she say as she knock we no open door, she use her key open door. Omo the babe just dey talk but her eyes dey for where my prick dey inside her friend toto, as I still dey inside her friend, as I notice her dey look us, my prick Don charge again, and the babe come dey use her toto grip my prick again, na eim her friend call her Rita, you Don finally jam your match, see as you wan take use moaning finish us for this hotel. Na so I take learn Say her name na Rita.



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